We are characters of a Movie -"LIFE"

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Sometimes, Life seems burden and feel like nobody is there except sadness. Truly speaking, we like to have problems which are known by our subconscious mind. Assume, there is no problem and you have a big house, a nice comfortable job, a good family,a nice car. Your daily routine is also fixed. No problems at all exist in your life. You will simply fight with other family members without any reason and you will feel as if life is monotonous. You will continue saying that “why life is so boring?” When you will say this, your subconscious mind will be alert and will try to give you a solution. The solution is “giving you real problems”.

Now thrill will come in the life when problems will appear. You will be busy in solving those. You will forget earlier small problems and will think that problems at your past were not at all problems. Your past life was not at all monotonous. You will pray to God for taking you at your past. For these type of people, I must suggest-“Be happy with the present whatever it is”.

Do you like to watch a movie where there is no thrills and all the characters are happy with their family, no enemy exists ? I think nobody like to watch such type of movie. Believe me, we are the characters of a Movie, named “LIFE”. God is the Director. God also does not like to watch a movie where no thrills, no problems exist. This is the reason for which some characters are good, some characters are bad. But if we go beyond this movie -“LIFE”, we will see that everybody’s Soul is pure,everyone is nice, everyone is son/daughter of God.

I personally think -“we should do the good job,should do good for others, so that God has chosen us for great /big works and given the best roll for the Movie.”

Thank you for reading. Let us together make a beautiful world. God bless.

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