Do you know the difference between hope and expectation ?

We hope ,we like to hope, we live on hope, we feel good to hope. We hope something better must happen in future. We hope-he must be cured. We hope -oneday the girl will get job. We hope the mother who lost her husband last month can be capable of leading her life by taking her one child.

We expect -my wife should love me. We expect -the boy should defeat the first boy in next examination. We expect -he will pay my bill. We expect – my father will give me his house. We expect – my husband will give me a diamond ring on this anniversary. We expect- my best friend will give some gift as we are meeting after long years.

I have given some examples. Can you see the differences ? Whether your hopes will be fulfilled or not is completely depending on God, Luck and you believe that it will happen. It is like wishing for good, it is like prayer to God. Keeping hope or dreaming some positive is always good for health. If your hope is not fulfilled, you are not being hurt but if your expectation is not fulfilled, you are being hurt, you lose your confidence.

Expectation is badly wanting the things whereas hope is wanting the things in a good, soft way. Expectation is demanding something from someone whereas Hope is believing or praying something from someone. Hope makes you alive,fresh whereas expectation when not fulfilled may damage your mind badly.

Thank you for reading ! Let us make a beautiful world together ! God Bless !

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