Don't blame a Kid, whatever is the reason

Dear Parents and the Teachers of pre-primary and primary level educations,

P.C – From Google

When a kid was born and have come to this earth, kid has nothing with him/her- no nature of telling lies, no bad habits. God has given all the parents an ideal kid of same nature. Outlook of the kids may become different, but inside of all the kids are same, filled with curiosity, innocence, honesty etc. 

Different kids are growing in different environments, under different type of parents, under different type of teachers. This is the reason, kids are being different. Difference is okay but building up bad habits within the Today’s Kids may pollute the Tomorrow’s World with the help of advanced technology.

Parents and the teachers, you all should be very much careful while handling the Flowers, every petal should be looked after with care and love, otherwise, tomorrow the flower may grow up with thorns. We, the parents as well as the teachers have a great roll here. We should maintain the following few things :

  1. Today’s kids are very much sensible, they understand what is called insulting. So, never announce a kid’s bad habits in front of public,his/her friends etc.
  2. Appreciate them now and then. But definitely, for naughty works done by kids, you must politely explain the things which a kid should not do. If the kid does not listen to you, you must scold him / her. At the same time, you explain -“so many good works done by you, I appreciated you,but for bad works (not for bad performer),naughty works,destructive works, everyone will scold you”.
  3. Primary level teachers become a God to a kid. So, they must behave like God. Once, while a mom was scolding her kid, kid was telling-” oh God ! Mam of our school is very nice. Why can’t you make her my mother ?” Do you think, that class teacher of that school was superb and that is the reason kid was telling like that ? No, not at all ! It may happen for two reasons – i) Kids are getting fear and obey to their teacher and for this teacher likes her kids and the kids are also liking the teacher. ii) Teacher was not at all looking after their activities and some teachers never scold them even if it is necessary. Sometimes, teachers should scold the kids if it becomes necessary.
  4. Teachers , do you know that you keep the kids within so many boundaries ? And it is not in your hand. But why not allow them to behave, act freely ? Allow them to fly free. If they do some small small naughty works, don’t scold them, rather explain them politely. If you don’t allow the kids to be free in their schools, do you know what will happen ? The kids will do all naughty works at home, all these have to be tolerated by the parents who are also doing jobs like teachers. Thus teachers get much value,respect,love rather than that of parents which should not be happened.
  5. Teachers, it is your duty to teach the kids how to respect, love and obey their parents as the kids are spending their maximum time at school. Today’s all kids are very obedient to their class teachers. So, Teachers can easily create good habits within the kids.

Best wishes to the Today’s Kids ! Let us make a beautiful world together ! God bless !

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