It is time for examinations ! In some schools / colleges, examinations held either before christmas or on February-March. I remembered the day when I faced Higher Secondary /Secondary Examinations. From my experience, I want to inform few steps if followed by students, fear will be reduced drastically :

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  1. For average students, know the question pattern very well. Collect the last 5-6 years’ questions. You should know the questions first. Once you know the questions which may arrive from one chapter,you will feel curiosity about the answer. Once curiosity plays into your mind,you will get interest in finding out the answer. So, know the question from all the chapters first,then be curious for finding out the answer.
  2. Understand the questions first. Without taking help of the book, just try to answer all those questions to your mind. Let it be wrong,but still tell something which must be related to the question.
  3. Then open the book. Read those chapters. Don’t think about the questions while reading the chapters. Just gain the knowledge about those topics.
  4. Again come to those questions which was answered by your mind without taking help of the book. Start answering all those questions.
  5. Start writing about the questions -answers. Make good notes like this way for all chapters.
  6. For few subjects e.g – Mathematics, you have to add one step at first-understand the basics of formulas.
  7. If you can do this from first day of your new class,then you have not to read just before examination and tension,fear will be removed.

My dear students, try to maintain this and comment in the below section whether it works or not ! Your comments will help me in updating this article. (Commenting in this site is very easy, just write your name and enter your comments in the comment section,you have not to give your mail Id.)

Let us inspire the Today’s Students who are backbone of Tomorrow’s World ! Let the spark hidden within the current students enlighten the entire world ! God Bless !

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  1. Really thank you mam for showing us the right path, guiding us and giving us confidence how to face big challenges like semester exams. Really thanks for it!!

  2. Just remember my school day, Its right. However, each student has to be serious & follow the same from the begining of the class. Anyways, small spirit may relieve the pain of injection upto some extent🤪

  3. Thanks a lot Mam,I am very thankful for this . I know some steps and some steps new but this systematic arrangement of these steps really helpfull for me. But Mam in between starting of new seasons and semester exam. I distracted from my path and after that depressed and I know how to face and what the next step but I am unable to do that .so, Mam I want some favor from your side. please write on this problem which helps me and I think many other students also suffering from this problem.

  4. Distraction from the path – is the problem, right? Then just before exam, you got tensed. Okay I will certainly write about this.. A very good topic indeed..

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