Kid's Questions

Kids are lovely and innocent. You will be surprised at their wonderful questions and seeing their imaginative power. Questions are :
1. Maa, how can I become Goddess – Parvati?
2. Maa, can I kill the demon as debi Parvati has done?
3. Maa, why do you eat meat and fish, they are getting so much pain, don’t you know that?
4. Maa, why the man killed the tiger? (After watching a movie, where a man killed a tiger)
5. Why my age is increasing? I want to be a kid only. I don’t want to grow because if I grow, you will become old.
Can we give all these questions’ answers? I just give my smile when my kid asks these questions and I remembered my questions when I was kid. I used to ask the questions to God not to my parents and my questions were :
“Oh God, please make me awaken at 3 a.m, else I shall pee on bed and mother will scold me. (surprisingly, It became true often)
Oh God, I want to give birth of a baby with the help of Sun. (it is totally impossible, now I laugh when I remembered this)
Oh God, I want to become doctor, engineer, poet all together.( I believe every human being is a doctor as he or she knows about his or her body best. And Luckily I am an Engineer and in the year 2018 I have started blogging though I was writing poems in my mother tounge from my childhood. So this prayer have become true.)”
Well, let me know your questions which were asked by you at your childhood. It will be a wonderful collections. Please share your imaginative questions raised by you at your childhood in the comment box.
Let us remember our childhood at the end of year 2018.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world. God Bless.

NGOs Calling

image of NGO এর ছবির ফলাফল

NGOs are calling,

Because once upon a time,

I might have registered for donating.

I got new job and be excited,may be it was that time.

By getting only 12000 rupees,

I registered the site of NGOs.

They are calling me now and then.

My whole body shakes then.

Do you know why it happened ?

Because I am not in a position,

To give some donation.

To the NGOs who are calling.

So sad I am feeling.

NGO – Non Governmental Organisation helps and supports people for their legal rights and power in society.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful World together. God bless.

Random Thought

Sometimes I feel nice when I am not writing and only reading and commenting other’s blogs. It is really a wonderful feeling. I can read, like and comment other’s articles from my smartphone only even when I am travelling, but it is difficult to write a good designed blog from my smart phone. So I am enjoying other’s blogs.
Thank you for reading! Hope, you all had a happy Christmas… Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.