Desire ! Desire ! The main parameter which results Success

motivational thoughts on Desire �র ছবির ফলাফল
We all are children of God. God has written very good lucks in many person’s lives. Among those good lucks, varieties exist. What are those varieties ? All of them were successful in their childhood. They stood first in all classes. Some of them come to know that God is there with them,they have not to work hard. Whereas some of them are working hard and are trying to perform better. God observes this fact. If I put you in place of Judge and will tell you to choose 50 people out of these 100 people (who were very good performer during their childhood) for making their job life better,what will you do ? Will you not choose those persons who are still working hard ? Of course, you will choose them. Exactly this happens when God have to choose like this. As a result, some people think that “There is no substitute of hard work”, “Where there is a will, there is a way”, whereas other people think that “Everything stands on Luck” and thus does not try further and blame on their luck.
Actually luck alone can’t result anything. Luck along with hard working result a great achievement. When will you work hard ? Definitely when you will have strong desire, you will feel working hard. If you work hard without having any desire,any ambition, working hard will be useless. So, it is nothing but DESIRE which leads a person’s future. God wants us to be independent as our parents want. Definitely,he will guide you. But you have to make your desire strong and have to keep your patience for seeing the result.
Be alert ! don’t keep negative desire. It is dangerous ! If you target to defeat others and this becomes your desire, you will never get success because negative desire will pull your mind in negative direction. So, compare your present with your past, set a target according to your level.
You can dream to become a person who is an ideal hero to you. You can follow your leaders. Following good persons is a good thing. You can follow their path and can keep strong desire to become like them oneday. If your desire becomes very strong, one day you may see that you have become successful like your leaders whom you have followed. Always target positive things in positive direction. Make your desire so strong that it do not allow you to sleep.
The curve of “DESIRE” and “SUCCESS” is always a slanting line with positive slope. If intensity of desire is high, intensity of success also will be high. Desire should come from your inner soul, desire should be so strong that you will work hard but you will not feel tired or will not feel that you are working hard. Your desire should be very powerful so that it can make you feel energetic,enthusiastic,working hard.
Above all, God’s blessing is with us ! God never deceive someone, God never disrespect someone’s strong desire. Best wishes ! May God Bless you ! Thanks for reading.
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