Create magic in your surroundings

Show inner respect (SIR) while addressing someone. When you are addressing someone as ‘sir’, it does not mean that you are being marked as lower graded person and to whom you are addressing must be of higher grade. If you address some shopkeeper as ‘sir’, your level will not come down, rather people will treat you as a person having great mind. Let others whom you need in your daily life feel good.

Always create magic in your surroundings. Magic will be created if you make other happy. The persons who take care of your garden, the person who cooks for you, the person who cleans your house, the person who shops for you, the person who washes your clothes have much contribution in making you happy. If these workers would not be there, can you celebrate the sunday afternoon with your friends ? Actually these workers have a lot of contribution in your daily lives, but you don’t realise that.

Imagine the life without these workers. It will be horrible, right ? You are writing and writing. Whenever you are feeling hungry, either someone is bringing food for you and keeping it on your table or you are going to market, there shopkeepers are giving you readymade food for you. Imagine no food shop is there, because everybody is engaged in teaching, doing treatment of people, designing softwares,working in computer etc. Imagine nobody is interested in serving others by cooking foods,by cleaning rooms, by washing clothes. It will be a big problem. Isn’t it ?

So, if you want to do something great in your future, you should respect these laymen, you should make them happy. I know you are paying them a good amount of money. Money is their physical need. But you should take care of their mental need also. This can be taken care by your good behaviour.

Addressing someone in nice way has a great role for making good impression. If you want to make these leymen happy mentally, treat them as your family member. Call them by their name. If you go to a good restaurant, call the food givers as ‘Sir’. Believe me, they will become very happy. They will not treat themselves of lower grade which will make them happy in their works and they will get interest in serving others. Above all, they are helping us by reducing our time required for basic works. Without them, our family will not be complete. I want to thank them.

Let us all make a good World ! Thank you all who are reading this.  God bless you all !!

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