About Myself (An acknowledgement to the bloggers in WordPress site)

I have started my journey on 8th September, 2018. There are so many people who have discouraged me and treated me in different way when I talked about my blog to them. Sometimes, I was also feeling down. But some of my friends are continuously encouraging me in writing. When I open my site in WordPress, I feel lucky in reading so nice blogs from :

  1. Cristian Mihai, Irevuo
  2. Limitless,Ash D Solomon
  3. Jordan Peters, The art of Blogging
  4. Christy B, When Women Inspire
  5. The Godly Chic Diaries
  6. Thoughts of Sho,Shobha Iyer
  7. Why Evolution is true
  8. Koulal
  9. Balaka,Trina Looks Back
  10. Success Inspires World
  11. And so many

I really feel happy after reaching at this platform.
Thank you to all of my blogger -friends and my other friends also.

Riding on a Tree is difficult but to get the fruit ,we must have to go to the peak of the tree. I am travelling on my path. Now, my friends will tell me whether I am travelling in right direction or not. Though I believe -“God helps those who help themselves”. May be some people will not be with me for encouraging my blogging activity, but I will be always there for myself.

One of my senior once told me-“You love yourself only, you are selfish, you dont love others….”. If someone keeps herself / himself engaged in her / his daily works and thus makes herself / himself happy in all situations even in some negative situations also,  does it mean she / he is selfish? Does ‘self-love’ mean ‘not loving others’? But gradually, I feel that everybody loves himself / herself first even who has commented this on me , she also loves herself very much.  Generally, I don’t care about any negative comments. If I work, people will talk about my work and this talk may be positive and may also be negative. If I don’t work at all, simply become a housewife and always listen to my seniors, then people will not criticize on me,but don’t think that in this case, people will praise you a lot. If you do something wrong,then people will criticize. But if you do something good, people will not appreciate you (Though Exception always exists).

Like this way, still I am learning and gradually gaining maturity.

I am a Mechanical Engineer and had nine years Industry Experience in a Multinational company. For looking after my kid, I left company job and have done my Master Degree from Jadavpur University. Then I joined in a private Engineering college as an Assistant Professor.  Whatever I am doing, my husband always supports me. We both are from a very remote village. The society of village may not accept my new job -Blogging. But my husband always helps me.

In this direction, I am very lucky and he is my best friend.

Slowly, I am being addicted in writing. I love writing instantly. I don’t get enough time for modifying my old writings. Whole day is spent in my college. My daughter is only of 6 years old. I love reading story books. Currently, I have started reading -“The Other Side of Me” by Sidney Sheldon and another one -“The Man from the Egg” by Sudha Murty. But, due to lack of time, I couldn’t able to finish those.

If circumstances compel me to leave my teaching job due to some personal reasons,I couldn’t have stayed happily if I were not present in blogging world. But right now, I can happily stay with my family at my home even after leaving my teaching Job as I can spend my free time in writing. I am enjoying writing in this platform.

Now, my readers will tell me as a beginner how I am performing.

Before ending my writing for today, -“Wish you all a Happy Diwali / May Light of this Festival enlighten your writings and thus let your writings inspire the whole world”.

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  1. I find this very beautiful. I understand your determination and that impresses me. You write very well even if English is not your primary language of communication. I happy you are making such an effort. I have also started blogging in French. Nothing can beat determination.

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