Quote of the day – "Blind Judgement"

We are seeing the looks of the Plate,not seeing the taste of the foods kept on the plate. Why are we attracted by outward appearance ?  Advertising,popularity has a great role here !

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Fluctuations !!

sine curve এর ছবির ফলাফল

Temperature fluctuates,

Mind fluctuates,

Health fluctuates,

Level of happiness fluctuates,

But time never fluctuate ,

It always runs forward ,

Never turns backward ,

Similarly our goal should not fluctuate.

Quote on 'Choose Proper Direction in Life"

Life shows us many directions as Road shows us many directions ! Just we should see deeply and judge before choosing any direction in life. If we choose wrong road in Life,we can’t fulfill our dreams! So,think before choosing your goal and talk with your inner soul.

Let’s make a beautiful world together ! God Bless !

Tips for Good Sleep

Sleeping will be amazing if  you follow the few things :

  1. Day is dedicated for hard work. But note that 12 hours working in front of laptop/computer can’t make you physically tired but make you feel tired. As for example, if ambient temperature is 35 degree centigrade ,you feel like 40 degree centigrade. This is the reason, you should do some physical works so that you feel physically tired.
  2. Never lie down on your bed (where you sleep at night) at day .  If you do this, you will feel amazing when you will go for sleeping at night.
  3. Before going to bed,you must wash your face, brush your teeth and wash your legs.
  4. Maintain freshness of your bed which you use at night.

Have a sound sleep at night and early rise in Morning !

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Quote on "EGO"

EGO means :

E –Enemy of  Success

G-Guides you in wrong path

O-Opportunity lost

Ego never gives you success, but definitely Self-esteem should be there.  Ego shows you wrong path. Thus opportunities are lost. Self esteem helps you in giving value to yourself.
Hence, reduce ego but maintain self esteem.

Thank you for reading! Let’s make a beautiful world together! God bless!