Why Alcohol will erase your sadness when you can erase it

Some people drink Alcohol just to forget the problems at least for a while. From higher class to lower class, all are habituated with this. Have you got negative response from your lover? Have you lost your love? Are you involved in lots of problems in office? Do you know in all these cases, Indians are taking Alcohol as a medicine for erasing their problems.
Can Alcohol erase your sadness? No, it can’t erase it parmanently. When you are in very sad mood or in tensed mood or in confused mood and being entangled with lots of problems in life, you rely on Alcohol. You only have given the power to Alcohol. When you drink Alcohol,you feel drowsy. You don’t feel your body weight. As a result you feel lying on bed or simply sitting on sofa and as your body is not under control, you forget all your critical situations which you faced just few minutes ago.
Don’t think, alcohol is giving you happiness. Actually, fact is that when your body is not fit, you will automatically focus on your body only. When you are being hospitalized, do you remember your family problems? No, because you are not lying in that situation to think about others. Exactly, this happens when you drink Alcohol.
I, personally feel, Alcohol drinkers are escapist of life problems and coward. Brave persons never escape their problems. You should always come in front of your problems and then solve the problems in cool mood. If you escape the problem, you will get relaxed temporarily and again when your body will be fit, you have to face your problems.
Always go for permanent solution, not temporary solution. Think about a simple village working cum house wife girl who deals both who faces lots of problems at home as well as at office. Can she think about alcohol? Never, rather she thinks how to solve the problems, how to make her family members happy. So, you also can refrain yourself from alcohol.
You are the king of your world. If you are involved in doing good things and face your problems, try to solve the problems, key of happiness, key of success all these control keys will be with you only.

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7 Replies to “Why Alcohol will erase your sadness when you can erase it”

  1. Have not you seen in college, students are drinking due to rejection in proposal? Have not you seen people drank due to family problems? Anyway this is not for all. Exception always exists in every cases. I am happy that u hv not seen this.

  2. Yes, I have seen college student drinking just for the fun of getting drunk. I live in a college town and it’s plentiful here. I have seen it many times in America. I knew that India was plagued with many problems but I never thought of alcoholism as being one of them.

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