Death is not end of life

Mind is like a watch,always running. You can’t stop it so easily. Can you give rest to your watch without putting off the batteries ? If you put off the batteries,then the watch will not work. If you want your watch to run,you must put on batteries again. Like this, is it possible to give rest to our mind ?

So what is the reality ? Like your watch,don’t you think someone is there who put off our batteries to give rest to our mind ? And we call it as Death. Hence death is necessary for giving our mind rest. In case of watch, if you replace the batteries, structure of watch will remain same. But what happened to us ?Our structure being changed totally,when God replace our batteries of mind.

Death is very essential for all creatures.It is God who decides when and whose battery need to be replaced ?Generally, when our watch is not working ,we replace the batteries. But what God does ?Does death occur as our mind is not working ? Of course, not. But God thinks about the future of a mind or soul. If the mind works continuously 100 years for a human and the soul dies, then God also will not be able to awaken that soul. Hence,seeing the capability, God decides whom mind needs rest and when this rest is necessary.Death is not end of life but it is a phase change of life. It gives rest to our mind. But when God recharged us,we get completely new looks,new set up and forget our old phase. If this would not happen,then balance in life can’t be maintained. Our Mind is a big machine controlled by supreme power-God.


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