Does PTM require in Graduate Level?

PTM means parents –teachers meeting. Normally it is used to happen in school level. Purpose of PTM is to fill up the gaps lies between students and teachers. Long ago, there was no need of PTM because of the existence of excellent environment and excellent relations between students and teachers.

Let us talk about the period 1950-1980. In that period, if someone was absent in class, class teacher would try a lot to find out the reason for which the student was absent and also simultaneously try a lot to bring him/her in the school. If any student was doing any wrong thing or not attentive in the class, teachers used to scold a lot and even sometimes beat also. In this era, if the same fact occurs, parents will file a case against that teacher. And therefore a gap exists between students and teachers.

Population has been increased drastically, things are being complicated. For a teacher also, it is not possible to look after 60-90 students personally in the classroom within 1-hour time scheduled for one class. Not only teacher, but also the environment in which the students prevail matters a lot. Teachers are bound to follow some rules which are imposed on them. But environment is polluted and this generation keeps no bound no restriction in any matters outside the college campus and sometimes this polluted environment creates a huge gap between students and teachers. Sometimes,there is huge difference between the things communicated by a student towards his / her parents and the things communicated by that student towards his / her teachers.

If the purpose of PTM is to fill the gap between students, parents and teachers then it must require for graduate level students also. PTM is the platform where some hidden data are received and given by parents and where teacher and parents both can discuss together for students’ future. Teachers get the details of weakness and strength of students and parents also come to know about their children’s detail performance in college.

PTM is the platform where ideas and views are exchanged and teachers can modify the methodology or can take care of weak students personally. Teachers can come to know how the student personally is in overall. Accordingly, teachers can handle the students. And this is the reason for which PTM must require for graduate level student also.

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