If arranged marriage is possible,then why not arranged hobby or forced hobby is possible ?

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Arranged marriage means loving some person starting forcefully. If you can love a human being forcefully, why can’t you love an action forcefully?

What is your hobby ? Have you any passion ? If you like playing outdoor games, it is too good. If you like indoor games, it is also good. If you like gardening, it is healthy hobby as well as it is social work too. If you like singing / dancing, it works as exercise hobby, it will keep you happy and fit. If you like painting, it is also too good. If you like reading story books / writing, it sounds strong as it will increase your general knowledge and general awareness and also so many things about this world. There are other hobbies also like photography, travelling etc.

But don’t say that your hobbies are sleeping, watching Television, sitting idle, talking with others. Are these hobbies of someone ? Yes, I know that some may have these type of hobbies. Basically, they are lazy and some of them are talkative. Be a good listener. Talking too much is not carrying goodness of you. But I know you are thinking how to overcome these as these are spontaneous.

Are hobbies spontaneous ? If it is so, that means your power is too less. But again believe me, you are the King/Queen of your own world. Nobody even nothing can control you. So why your spontaneous action will control you , when you are alive ? You should control your action. You will decide on which action you will give priority.

If arranged marriage or you may say it as arranged love or forced love is possible, then why not arranged hobby or forced hobby is possible ? of course, it is possible. What is happened in arrange marriage? One unknown person gets married with an unknown girl. After few months they fall in love with each other. But nobody knows after 10-12 years whether there will be divorce or not. Practically speaking, divorce is happening in case of husband-wife relationship even after love marriage also. But, in this case,you have to love one action which will never divorce you rather it will give you happiness,strength and sometimes your passion may give you financial strength too.

So, why are you thinking so much? Don’t waste your time. From today only start loving anyone of these actions – Playing outdoor /indoor games/gardening/singing/dancing/painting/reading story books etc. I understand and hope, you also understand that creating a new action as your hobby will need some time. After a certain period of time, you will see that it has become your passion, love. Then you will win the life-game and be confident about many aspects related with your future.

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