Different types of Parents

There are basically three types of parents :

  1. Parents of Sons only
  2. Parents of Daughters only
  3. Parents of both Sons and Daughters

These three categories of Parents exists. Hence,three different types of attitude also exists.

In this era,category (1) are most dominating in nature. We can classify these parents into two categories : (i) Parents who are not dependent on their sons & (ii) Parents who are dependent on their son. Maximum parents in this category are dependent on their sons and this dependency is made by them only. When they have given birth of a baby boy,from that time only they have fixed their mind that they have not to worry about anything as they have sons. The parents who are dependent on their sons financially,they listen to their sons as well as their daughter-in-laws.

Category (2) is either sacrificing in nature or totally neutral and thus have don’t care attitude.We can classify these type of parents into two sub categories : (i) the parents who are financially strong (ii) the parents who are financially not strong. Category (i) teaches their daughter idealism and thus wants their daughter to be independent. Category (ii) thinks their daughter as loads on their head and thus tries to give her marriage as early as possible and later the daughter become doll to “In-laws-house”.

Category (3) is wonderful parents. As they have one son and one daughter, they encourage their daughter so that the daughter obey her in-laws and thus want to see their daughter as a permanent member of her in-laws house.Of course, there is reason behind it. The reason is that they have one son and they will bring one daughter-in-law for him. If their daughter can’t act as ideal daughter-in-law then how can they expect another girl to behave properly as daughter-in-law in their house ?

Of course, Exception always exists in every field.

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