Every woman's own space

Every woman should do job and thus she should become financially independent. I personally thank god for giving me a job. Office is my own space out of my family where I can breathe, I can think, I can discover new things. I can’t imagine the life without job.

Before marriage, women are dependent on parents and after marriage, they are dependent on their husbands/parent-in-laws. Why will this happen to a woman? Why some people are using women just for taking care of themselves.

If I raise this issue and start a debate, many people will ask me why I am treating that honest work like wrong way. Taking care of family members is a very novel task. Against this, I must reply that then all men should treat women as ‘Mother’. Does it happen so? In this advanced era, why most of the women are crying? Why women are not getting the required respect? Why men are using women for their household works? Can’t they do their own? Why a kid’s sole responsibility except money will be taken by mother? So, will men handle only financial issues? Many things can’t be done by money.

Who will look after that woman’s parents if the woman is not doing job? Will it be taken care by son-in-law? How many men are looking after their parent-in-laws? I think it is very rare incident.
Then, I must conclude saying that “awake my sisters and mothers, why will your brother only look after your parents? Dont you think, you also should have equal responsibility like your brother for looking after your parents? Are your husband looking after your parents like his own parents? If yes, then no problem, you are lucky enough. But in maximum cases, answer will be no. Then why are you not doing job? It is your life. Nobody has right to control it. So, please awake my sisters and mothers.”

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