Transition Period-A struggling phase of life of a village girl

Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome. - Isaac Asimov

We all are running in Transition Phase from Life to Death. Within this transition period,some people have to overcome some more transition phases. Think about a girl’s situation who was born in village,but possesses highly modern attitude and dreams also high.

Can you imagine how much difficult it is ?Have you any idea about a remote village? A village where target is giving marriage of the girl after passing her class twelve examination,where during the year of 1987,there was no electricity,where people used to go to the Pond for taking bath and for daily necessary morning activities,has population of 200. Think about that highly modern girl born in this type of village.The girl dreams a lot. Every phases in her life are new transition phases.When she first entered the town for engineering, was the first challenging period for her.

She got job and caught the Aeroplane  for going to Bangalore – another challenging phase of her life.Every step of her life is challenging. She got married with a village guy. The guy also possesses highly modern attitude. So there was no problem in the beginning. But gradually,she was facing lot of problems when she has to face the in-law’s village.

Moreover,there is a big difference between  a “girl” and a “daughter-in-law” for which I shall give you details later. But still that girl dreams, fights with her mother-in-law and thus passed her master of engineering degree. Every time she has to fight with lots of superstitions.She has to obey so many superstitions just to please her parent-in-laws.

Every moment of her life is transition period. Transition period means changing of phase. Think about this girl who could not able to settle at any phase. In every aspect of life, e.g. Job-life,Marriage life,study-life after marriage,motherhood, she is just struggling.

She is removing one stone which obstructs her life’s happiness,after removing one stone,she is seeing another stone in her path. Throughout the path,her life is full of thorns,stones ,negative barriers. But still,she is dreaming,dreaming high. Some people may have half of transition period as smooth and balance half as troublesome,whereas this girl’s entire transition period is troublesome.


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