Jobless Scenario-Struggle in Marketing and Sales

How many phone calls are you(employee) getting in one month for chimney, water filter and also for credit card, debit cards? Is there any employee in Bengal who does not receive any call from sales person for these type of items? Then, I think they have not given their number to anybody or they have taken a new number recently.

How many of you cut the phone calls or marked it as spam? The whole scenario is very pathetic. Some of your friends are struggling day and night and trying to catch at least one customer in a day as they have been given deadline else they will lose their job. On the other hand, some of your friends are not listening to them and they cut the call.

If you are an employee of a private organisation where you have to work hard daily in design field, will you attend such calls and allow them to talk with you for few minutes? The people who are calling you, they are also employee of a private organisation but in marketing field. You are in comfort zone, i.e. in design field where you have not to convince others or you have not to request others for buying the products. Think about their situation. After coming to office, they have to report how many customers they have got for buying their products. On the other hand, the employees who are working in design field, they simply study, co-ordinate with other designers, refers internet for new ideas and finally they designed the product.

Don’t you think life of employees in sales and marketing division is much difficult? Though, everything is standing on advertisement. Advertising work of sales/marketing division is little different. But still, there is no reason to feel bad in advertising or requesting for buying your products.

Every business has a separate sector named “sales/marketing”. Big companies have no problem in advertising as they give their advertisement through online. But think about those employees who call you often for buying some products or when you walk on the road, someone is calling you and then requesting you to buy their product. In reality, tension and worries in sales and marketing division are more than that of other divisions.

(Only one perspective has been reflected here.)

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