Jobless Bengal-Reflection of Critical Situation

This is continuation to my previous post. Difficulties in getting jobs are reflected here. Population is very high in India, but development of new Company, new Industries are not growing up proportionately. Very few companies e.g. TCS, Cognizant, WIPRO, Infosys, IBM, Cepzemini etc. are giving opportunities to the freshers to work with them. No new Industry or Plant is developed. Every field is being saturated.

This scenario bears pain not only for freshers but also for seniors who already have 9-10 years’ experience. Freshers are not getting job in the companies. Simultaneously, due to saturated condition, companies may think to sack the high paid employees first if it becomes necessary. In some cases, for getting the job, students need to pay some amount before joining the company and that amount may or may not be reimbursed during working periods. In other paths e.g. in teaching and in government sector, old employees don’t leave the job and as a result, no vacancy is created. For this reason, frequent SSC examination, banking examination and entrance examination in Government sectors are not held.

So what is the future of present students and also the senior employees? Condition of senior employees is worst as they have already become settled, bought flat etc. Sometimes It happens that performance rate of some employees has been shown as low though they have worked hard.This is done so that company may sack them anytime showing this reason. The salary of 9-10 years experienced employees have not been increased,but value of every needs are increasing day by day including real estate.So, senior employees spend their day with tension and anxiety. This tension compelled them to rethink the whole matter and then they try for going abroad. You may feel that they are very happy, living alone in abroad, earning high salary but in reality, they are not at all happy. How will they be happy leaving their family far away? Also, they have to accustom themselves with new rules and regulation of a new country.

On the other hand, let’s see the picture of present students who have just got the degree and are searching for jobs. For getting government job, they have to take a course which provides the classes and makes them prepared for competitive examinations. Even, after sparing so much money and time on these courses , very few students crack it. Think the situation of those students who could not able to crack it just because of less vacancy available in Government organization. They are becoming the victim of unemployment and then converted into victim of depression. Then where to go? will they become jobless, address less? They are trying their best. Some of them are trying in marketing, some in sales, some in blogging, some in business etc. There is a very big competition in all these fields. It becomes very hard to survive. But still,we should remember that where there is a will there is a way.

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