How to turn anger energy into power

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Different forms of Energy:

Living or nonliving, everything is a form of energy. When you are talking, you are spending some energy. The voice coming out of you is the result of spending your energy. When you are laughing, you are spending some energy which gives you happiness. Every action is nothing but a result of spending energy. Whether you walk, do exercise, talk, laugh, cry, become angry, cook, read, write and so so, in every case you are converting your energy from one form to another and that also you are doing unknowingly.

Conversion of Energy:

Out of all those actions, let us discuss one most crucial action which consumes a lot of energy. Can you guess what the action is? This is nothing but anger, being violent. When you become angry, you become so violent. When you become violent, you destroy so many things. Let us analyze things deeply. I personally believe- ” the Person who can destroy the powerful things, can create powerful things too”. Tremendous energy has been hidden within anger and violence. Can’t we convert this energy into a good form of energy? We, all know Einstein’s Law of energy and according to that law, energy is constant. So, if you can destroy the things you can create also. If you can become too violent, you can become too much good also.

Let us utilize our energy for a good purpose. Let us convert our energy into good action and our negative form of energy into a positive form. Have you seen lightning? It is horrible, right? It has tremendous power. It is a natural form of energy. It has so much energy that it takes the life of a human being. Our anger is the same as Lightning. Both are negative forms of energy. Both have tremendous power. Transferring the negative form of energy of Lightning is not in our hands of general people. Let us focus on transferring the negative form of violence into a good form of energy.

How to turn anger energy into power

I am not telling you to meditate. Telling someone to do meditation is a very easy job but for the general people who have their tight schedule, who are very busy in the office and at home, doing meditation is not at all easy. For the beginners who never meditate and never do exercise, only do the office works and some necessary household works, I must suggest that convert your “anger energy” into “writing energy”. When you become too angry with someone or at something, just throw your anger into your diary with the help of a pen.

Your anger is a form of dynamic energy. You must convert this negative dynamic energy into positive dynamic energy. This means your pen must move at a very high speed. Your anger energy has been converted into dynamic-writing energy. Next, this dynamic-writing energy will try to make you cool slowly. This energy will travel inside you to spread peace in your mind. This is one cyclic process. When someone hurts you, you become violent. Negative energy has been developed within you as someone releases it on you. The person who releases it on you, become cool and get positive energy. The negative energy, you achieve due to someone, can be released by writing action. While writing, the negative energy disappeared and being converted into a static form of energy which makes you cool.

The people who are being angry easily and being irritated, being violent must try once. For them, it is the first step to reduce anger. After doing this for few months, you may go for meditation.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful World together. God bless !

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30 Replies to “How to turn anger energy into power”

  1. Yes if you could covert anger energy to something positive then you could achieve a lot but most people can’t and don’t even know where to begin because all they always thinking about is negativity which is bearer to their own success.

  2. Nice advice. Channalising anger into creative process like writing needs a lot of practice though. Most of the time when one is very angry, it is difficult to concentrate onto something creative.

  3. Yes, it needs practice… But someone can cut the old papers into pieces within very short time and then anger will be reduced slowly… After that he can write… 😃😃😃

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