Excellent Speech by Mr. Ratan Tata

Superb Speech by Mr.Ratan Tata published in 2014.

Life is full of uncertainties

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Our life is temporary. Our life is uncertain. The person who is an expert in balancing the activities which are important in our life is happy, smart, and get peace. Sometimes, we work so hard that we forget our family members, we ignore our friends. Sometimes, we become sad thinking about the small things. It takes very little time to be sad and it takes a very long time to feel happy. But we should practice how to be glad and happy easily and how to overcome sadness so that it can’t touch us. Mr. Ratan Tata suggests us to set the goals which will give us a balanced life.

Life is a Prepaid Card

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Yes, our life is a prepaid card. Difference is that in case of prepaid card we know what the validity period is, but in case of life, we don’t know the validity period.  There may be ups and downs in the road of the journey. But we have to perform a smooth, comfortable journey from life to death. Some bumpers always exist in everyone’s road. We should not add bumpers in our road which may cause extra jerking in the journey and thus may bring illness.

How are machines different from humans?

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We are human beings, not a machine, and are full of emotions which we should not kill. If we do so, there will be no difference between us and machines. But remember, when a machine fails to operate, nobody gets hurts. When we fail to operate, our family members get hurts. We also get a lot of pains. Suffering from any type of illness brings a bad impact on our minds too. Health and mind both are related to each other. This is the reason; we should take care of our health –physical health as well as mental health. We must give equal importance to both.

Mental Health

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Maintaining good mental health is very important. Nobody can see the illness of mind whereas everyone can see the condition of physical health. Mental condition deteriorates silently which is more dangerous. We should stay tension-free by sparing some time with our family members, going for an outing, or meeting our relatives. If not possible to meet, we should keep in touch with them by talking through mobile phones or by writing a letter to them.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!

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