Generally people say that a boy needs to know how to cook as he also needs food. Similarly, a girl must need to know to earn money as she also needs money for survival.
Earlier, it was almost a fixed rule that boys would earn money and girls would be doing cooking. Thus, there was a balance. But some boys didn’t look after their family. Then girls became strong and determined to get jobs. Thus, the girls started doing jobs.
There is a time when girls do all the activities like cooking, doing job, looking after family. When girls are doing all the activities, their performance in job get reduced. Then, the girls think of changing themselves. Now, girls start saying that boys need to do half of the family works.
Yes,it should be. Then only balance in every direction will exist. Again problem arrives. Some girls who don’t do job, are also demanding that their husbands should do half of the family jobs. Then boys start saying: “Girls also need money for survival, so all girls should earn money”.
Everyone has to do all the works required for survival. Thus slowly, dependency will be reduced. When there will be no dependency, there will be either “no – love” or “unconditional – love”.
Let us wait and see what equality (Boy=Girl) brings for us.

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2 Replies to “Equality”

  1. Sadly, it’s still the same almost everywhere. I’ve even seen girls who thought it’s better to take care of the household while her husband earns. Equality will come but not anytime soon.
    It hurts to see the younger generations becoming more conservative. Great post, ma’am.

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