Spontaneous Thoughts

If my thoughts used to follow routine and daily appear at a particular time, I would have maintained my daily routine. They are coming now and then. Thus compel me to change the schedule of other works. I can’t maintain my routine. Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Random Thought : Ignorance

When I face lots of problems and I hear lots of complaints against me, I keep all those allegations in one corner of my mind silently. I don’t nurture it because once I nurture, the pains and complaints get movement. Then, they hit the walls of my mind. If I don’t nurture, they all keep… Read More

Life – A Game

Life is a game of Addition and Subtraction, Life is a game of Multiplication and Division. Game is driven by an Invisible Power, you may call it God, but I call it as “Power of Emptiness”, I call it as “Power of Subconscious Mind”, I call it as “Almighty”. Thank you for reading. Let us… Read More

Random Thought : career in blogging

I was thinking of making a career in blogging, but immediately, I got scared thinking – “can I stand 20-30 years in this profession? What will I write so many years” Then, God replied -“If you feel hungry in writing and did not find any food,don’t worry. It is my responsibility to give you supply… Read More

Random Thought :Welcome to my online house

Name of my online house is :”tanusrirchokhe.com” Type of my house : “Blogging” Doors: wordpress.com Windows: facebook – with nature Twitter – kartanusrisen Type of people stayed here : motivational thoughts, articles, poems, nature. Motivational thoughts and nature are the guardian of the house. They are inviting you – “You all are welcome to my… Read More