God-crores of Galaxies: Thought 2

God is looking after crores of Galaxies. We are like the size of viruses or cells to God. “If we are smaller than viruses in size, how does God observe us and look after us? It is impossible.” If it is impossible how an outdoor doctor can say the physical state of a human being… Read More

Random Thoughts: Power of Spiritual knowledge

When you will be getting matured and gaining Spiritual knowledge, you will feel that the dust on your mind is reducing proportionately. You will feel yourself of light weight, full of joy from inside. Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Words and fetus

“Some words are planted in the womb of Author’s mind. With the help of feelings of Author’s mind, the words are transformed into sentences as like a fetus is grown up in the womb with the help of the liquid named amniotic fluid. Sentences become enriched by the feelings of the Author. When the fetus… Read More

Create a beautiful Garden within your Mind.

Words are the seeds of the Stories. In everyone’s mind, these seeds are planted. Everyone can’t write story because all seeds can’t be transformed into plants. Some seeds which have not been taken care properly, to whom time has not been given will not grow. Similarly, the Sentences which are not nurtured can’t be transformed… Read More

Random Thoughts: Education and Technology

Earlier, human beings used to wear leaves of trees to cover themselves as bare minimum required. Education teaches us how to make new designs of cloths for covering us maximum. Technology teaches us how to design the dresses with bare minimum clothes. Thus, Technology takes us that place from where we have started.

Real Truth#3

1. If we want our kid to behave properly, we should first behave properly. 2. Maturity teaches us how to forgive others. 3. When we forgive others, we release stress. Then, we feel awesome. 4. Reading story books and writing motivational things heal our mind. 5. Don’t hate the thoughts which are opposite to positive… Read More

My thoughts are one of my best friends

I feel lonliness when my thoughts wish me “Good bye”. I feel lonliness when there is no thought playing in my mind. I feel lonliness when I can’t write anything and the pages laugh at me. I feel lonliness when the good thoughts loss the game in my mind. I feel lonliness when all the… Read More

Real Poor

Real poor are those people who love procrastination, who love laziness, who can’t manage time, who are not busy at all but show that they are busy, who give excuses. I am rich not because I have money but because I know how to utilize my time properly. Someone works so hard that he/she can’t… Read More

Spontaneous Thoughts

If my thoughts used to follow routine and daily appear at a particular time, I would have maintained my daily routine. They are coming now and then. Thus compel me to change the schedule of other works. I can’t maintain my routine. Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Random Thought : Ignorance

When I face lots of problems and I hear lots of complaints against me, I keep all those allegations in one corner of my mind silently. I don’t nurture it because once I nurture, the pains and complaints get movement. Then, they hit the walls of my mind. If I don’t nurture, they all keep… Read More

Life – A Game

Life is a game of Addition and Subtraction, Life is a game of Multiplication and Division. Game is driven by an Invisible Power, you may call it God, but I call it as “Power of Emptiness”, I call it as “Power of Subconscious Mind”, I call it as “Almighty”. Thank you for reading. Let us… Read More