We are just a number to God

Life is like a Mathematical Equation. Name of the chapter is Balancing. God is always busy in this chapter. Let me explain the Mathematics part of the Life:

Say at present,

Number of Living beings 70 – Number of deaths 30 = 40

God always wants to make the result of this equation as zero.

So, what action will God take?

God will subtract 20 from left hand side and will add 20 with the number in the right hand side.

So, the new equation will be:

Number of living beings 50 -Number of deaths 50=0

Then, 10 children takes birth.

And the equation becomes:

Number of living beings (50+10)-Number of deaths 50= 10

Again God will convert this equation as following:

Number of living beings 55- Number of deaths 55=0

God is busy in balancing. I have explained the mathematics assuming the easy and small numbers. Imagine the complexity of the equation when there are crores of different types of species in both sides of the equation.

Therefore, we are just a number to God. God is busy in doing research on Mathematics of Life and death.

So, never be worried at any situation. God will take care of His numbers whenever it is required. Always think the pain you are bearing is not only yours but also God’s.

Thank you for reading! Let us make a beautiful World together. God Bless!