Blogging never hampers in other activities, rather it gives inspiration

Always engage yourself with different activities. When you will do lots of works, you will gather more experience and your blogging world will be enriched. Never show excuse in the name of blogging saying that you haven’t got time due to blogging or vice versa. Blogging never snatches your time. Blogging always encourages in other… Read More

Rainy Season – 2019

Cloudy Sky This year Nature is playing with us specially with the people of West Bengal. Farmers in villages are worrying for tomorrow as there is no rain. One month of Monsoon already passed. Everyday, the sky becomes full of dark clouds. We, all hope for rain. Then suddenly, we see that cloud is vanished… Read More

Random Thought : Ignorance

When I face lots of problems and I hear lots of complaints against me, I keep all those allegations in one corner of my mind silently. I don’t nurture it because once I nurture, the pains and complaints get movement. Then, they hit the walls of my mind. If I don’t nurture, they all keep… Read More

God is not responsible where input is same but output is not same

Two persons are seeing from same window of same room of same building. One person is seeing only the tree just in front of the building,whereas the second person is seeing the back, sides and top of the trees. Eyes are same for both persons. Standing positions are same for both persons. But the views… Read More

Our thoughts make us immortal.

We are made of our soul, our thoughts, our relationships and our body, feelings. Out of these five elements, feelings died and for this, body decays and after a certain period of time, body also died. Soul never dies. It only changes it’s shape and form. Balance two elements are completely in your hand. Every… Read More

Life’s Gear is like Car’s Gear

When you drive a car, how many times do you change the gear position? You change it many times, right? You never drive a car in same speed, because road conditions are changing in every moment. Our life is like this. God never feels comfortable in driving us in same speed in same direction. Someone… Read More

Real Truth #2

1. If you want to rise early in the morning, first change your timing for going to bed. 2. Different fruits achieve different height of trees. But oneday, all fruits’ seeds take the place of ground in different ways. 3. If you donate but don’t want to take from anyone, this imbalance indicates your pride… Read More

Depression :Initial Symptoms causes,medications and Therapies

My article on “Excite Submit” on Depression. In this article, you will come to know whether you are entering into depression zone or not,what are the initial symptoms of depression. If you are having those initial symptoms, you will come to know how to recover those,how to come out of that situation. How will you… Read More

Prayer to God!

God is with you always. An invisible power is constantly trying to improve you. The status of life never becomes a straight line as there are ups and downs.The invisible power which we feel but can’t be seen has immense energy. When you squeeze the lemon, you get the output. Similarly, sometimes God squeezes us… Read More

You take care of your Sub conscious mind and it will take care of your everything

Human being is most powerful creature in this wonderful world. This huge power comes from Subconscious Mind. You can regulate this power. The supreme power, God has given you the key for controlling this power. If you want to possess a divine power within you, you have to take care of your subconscious mind. Give… Read More

ভদ্রতাই মানুষের আসল পরিচয় 

ভদ্র ব্যবহার দিয়ে অনেক অসাধ্য জিনিস পাওয়া যায়। কিন্তু সেই একই জিনিস অভদ্র আচরণ দিয়ে পেতে গেলে কত কষ্ট পেতে হয় ,আবার সময়ের অপব্যবহার ও করতে হয়। এই ভদ্রতা প্রতিটি মানুষের মধ্যে থাকলে অনেক সমস্যার সমাধান হয়ে যেত। কত ছোটোখাটো কারণে কত ঝগড়া হয়ে থাকে।  দেখেছি বাস এর মধ্যে দুই যাত্রীর একে অপরের সাথে কি… Read More

Expand your Dream Area

Approximately 4-5 years back, you were searching for a job. You got it that time only, might be after searching 2-3 months. You were the most happiest person that time as your dream had been fulfilled. But at present, again you are searching for a new job. Situation has been changed and has killed your… Read More

Use ‘Curse’ as a weapon to progress further.

Blessing is no doubt good. Blessings always encourage us to progress further. Blessings help us to move in right path. But what is your opinion about ‘cursing’? Many good people get cursed by others may be unknowingly. I personally feel that we should not be worried about this. If our work is good, if we… Read More

Beauty of Transition Period

When ice melts and converts into water, it looks like mixture of solid and liquid both.One side is liquid and another side is solid. Which phase has more beauty -(i) ice (ii) ice starts melting or water starts solidifying (iii) water? If we consider ice as unhappy phase and water as happy phase, we must… Read More