My Nature

Nature is very busy in this lockdown period. She is busy in cleaning, busy in removing pollution. She is only God, Savior of us. She knows how to decorate herself, She knows how to protect herself.
I believe that everything happening in this world is happening for a reason which is not known to us. Nature knows the time for the arrival of the problems. Nature knows the time for the arrival of the solution. If we want to know how long it will take to get the solution, we have to love and respect Nature. We have to be a part of Nature so that we can feel it, we can feel the pain of it, we can feel the need for it, we can feel the blessings of it. When we can be able to feel it, we will get the solution to every problem.
Is this a crucial time? I feel that it is not at all crucial time because Sun is still moving, there are no major changes in our solar system. If the Sun loses its energy, the ice in the Himalayan melts, and then the crucial time will appear. In this phase, we can’t supply the lost energy to the Sun and thus the entire world will be immersed within the water.
As long Nature is maintaining its balance, we all are in the safe zone. To keep this world in the safe zone, Nature was worried, but somehow the devil-“Corona” whose intention is worse for mankind is helping the Nature in maintaining its balance. Once the balancing work is being completed from Nature’s end, Nature will help the scientists in killing the devil-“Corona”.
To get some more perfect years from Nature, we have to lose some lives though it is very sad news to us. But the Nature is helpless as whatever we had done in the pre-corona era, was not at all good for Nature. The pre-corona era was killing the Nature by increasing the pollution, by producing poisonous by-products while developing the technology, by using plastics and spreading it here and there instead of recycling the plastics, by polluting the water, etc.
Nature needs a little care from each of us. If we don’t give that Nature knows how to snatch it. Nature knows a lot of ways to take care of herself. Nature needs us and we need Nature for our survival.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!