Mutation of Time

Everything gets changed or mutated. The virus got mutated and has taken the form of a pandemic, named Corona. Time will also be changed. Very soon, it will get mutated.

Remember the day -20th May in 2020. Remember the evening time of that day when Amphan, the giant cyclone was in front of us. We, the people of West Bengal, were thinking when night would be over and the morning would start. Think about that critical time of 3-4 hours. We all know-the time is the best healer. We all had seen the sunrise of next day though we have lost some lives, some valuable things, some plants,etc.

With the mutation of time, virus will also be mutated again and it will lose its strength very soon. We will see a bright, pollution free world.

Let us strengthen our hope with our daily prayer.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together.God bless.