Joint Family of Nature!

Blue sky, green leaves, red flowers with brown lands. They all can stay together. Even, when it rains, they all stay with rain, storm. They never create boundaries between different colours, different entities, different heights. We, human beings create so many boundaries between different religions, different casts, different levels,different countries etc. We should think like… Read More

When aim is same, enemies become friends.

Today, on 3rd May’19, when all are worried about super cyclone-“Fani”, I am not worried as because I know if Nature wants to take our lives, human beings can’t do anything. Today, different types of thoughts are playing “hide and seek” in my mind. Nature is too good. We may treat Nature as owner and… Read More

Nature #2

Nature is our House, Nature is our Address. Nature is our Physics, From Nature, we learn Mathematics. From Nature, we get History, Nature teaches us Chemistry. From Nature we get Dress, Nature helps us in releasing Stress. Nature gives us all Education, Education develops our Brain. Brain discovers Technology, Technolgy provides education on Geography. Nature… Read More

Nature-The Free Book

Evolution is occurring every moment. Time is changing. People are becoming busy. This is the Era of Online. We have forgotten our roots, which is the base of any civilization. Civilization ruins and a new civilization starts but NATURE remains with some varieties in all civilizations. Should we forget our base –THE NATURE? NATURE is… Read More