Beautiful Nature during Durgapuja Festival

As we beautify ourselves during the Durgapuja Festival, Nature also beautifies itself during this time.We were going to Bankura from Purulia district. On the way, we had taken break as beauty of Nature compelled us to do so. We have seen a beautiful sunset and also a hill. Beautiful Nature speaks a lot silently. It… Read More

Advantages of Vegetables’ Garden at Roof

How will it be if you have not to go to market for buying vegetables daily? If the vegetables’ shop becomes available at your roof and that also becomes totally free of cost, I think everyone will enjoy the free home shopping. Recently I have visited my sister’s house where there is a vegetables’ garden… Read More

Roof garden

Number of people is increasing drastically. Number of buildings is also equally increasing. Space for plantation is decreasing. Amount of Oxygen in air is decreasing and amount of carbon di oxide is increasing. Thus, we are loosing the balance in the environment. The solution is the roof garden. If it becomes compulsory to create a… Read More

Soul and God

For believing in God, you have not to go to a crowded temple. Seek a temple where silence exists. Use your mind as a ladder and enter inside your body. Listen to your soul. Feel it. You will be able to see a world within you where all equipment are working continuously as like time… Read More

Balancing of Emotions by Nature

When someone does not talk in favor of you, you become irritated. When you fall in love, you become too happy that you forget or ignore your parents. When someone closed to you passed away, you burst into tears. When someone takes birth, you become too happy and too proud. Do you think that you… Read More

Joint Family of Nature!

Blue sky, green leaves, red flowers with brown lands. They all can stay together. Even, when it rains, they all stay with rain, storm. They never create boundaries between different colours, different entities, different heights. We, human beings create so many boundaries between different religions, different casts, different levels,different countries etc. We should think like… Read More


আজ শুধু বৃষ্টিতে ভেজার দিন, কিংবা জানালার ধারে দাঁড়িয়ে প্রকৃতিকে দেখার দিন।আজ প্রকৃতির দুই ভাবের এক অপরূপ মিলন। বৃক্ষরাশির ওপর আছড়ে পড়ছে বৃষ্টি। বৃক্ষরাশি আর বৃষ্টির মধ্যে যেন এক গোপন সংলাপ চলছে। মানুষগুলো শুধু উঁকি মারছে,কেউ জানালা দিয়ে, কেউ বা দরজা খুলে। আর মেঘমশায় মাঝে মাঝে আওয়াজ করে সময়সংকেত দিচ্ছে। বজ্র তাদের মিলনে আলো নিক্ষেপ… Read More

Different looks of Nature

When you go for party, when you attend marriage ceremony, when you marry, you look different for different occasions. Similarly, Nature also looks different for different occasions – Summer, Monsoon, Winter, Flood, Drizzling, Storms etc. In this year, today I have got the picture of Monsoon. If you have visited my previous blogs, you would… Read More

Rainy Season – 2019

Cloudy Sky This year Nature is playing with us specially with the people of West Bengal. Farmers in villages are worrying for tomorrow as there is no rain. One month of Monsoon already passed. Everyday, the sky becomes full of dark clouds. We, all hope for rain. Then suddenly, we see that cloud is vanished… Read More

A kid is worried about Future

A kid is very much worried about Future. She thought and asked – ” Will there be no clean air and water, when I will be like you?” I replied – ” It must be there. Nature loves everyone. Nature wants little bit care from us all. We should not waste water, cut trees and… Read More

Observing Nature

Simetimes, Nature makes us confused. By seeing these pictures, can you say whether the photos are taken in the morning or in the evening? Can you say whether the season is Summer or Monsoon? The people who know the place, can tell easily as they know which is the east side. Have you noticed the… Read More

First Creations

We were the first in this Universe, Didn’t know the purpose of us! Didn’t know who was she , Walking with me ? We both were walking across the sea, Did not know why she was following me ? Why I was following her ? And who was the creator ? Both of us had… Read More

Nature is my Favorite House

Can you tell me why I need a house ? Two mountains will make the two walls of my house, With the clouds floating here and there, I will make the roof my house. But, my lovely cloud, bring rain, Exactly when It is time for taking bath. During winter, when my body will shake,… Read More

Invisible Festival

So beautiful plates as if it is dining place. Those big trees are waiting, Birds are preparing for singing a song,song, song. Guests are coming from far,long. It is an invisible festival for energy and particle. It is get-together of all particles, such an event must be remarkable. N.B : Photo is captured by me… Read More