Enjoy Motherhood, It is mind’s food . Without motherhood, Life seems dry wood. Motherhood gives a charm, Babies are like flowers, Pleasant showers- Give mothers warm Of love,peace Being a girl,we shouldn’t miss. Mother is the best teacher, Maintain your motherly nature, Which will make you happy, Without motherhood,life is empty. Thank you for reading.… আরো পড়ুন

Husband and Wife

Husband and wife were brought up In different environment,two different set-up. He likes earning money, She likes maintaining happiness in family. His thought are towards office, Her thought are towards house. She focuses on little things, He focuses on meetings,documents. She focuses on cleanliness of the kitchen, He focuses on increment and promotion. She focuses… আরো পড়ুন


It is you- Nature , Gives me immense pleasure. You are so beautiful, And always colourful. Cloud,storm and rain What a beautiful chain ! But,it is Lightning- Which is always hurting. And the rainbow -so lovely We always look at it attentively. Thank you for visiting. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Nothing is bright without its opposite

Nothing is bright, Without its opposite. Laugh much but cry a little, Pray for removing darkness, But focus on light. Work hard but Take a little rest. Pray for removing negative things, But look at much on positive things. Be happy much, But feel sad when your friends are not happy. Earn much, But spend… আরো পড়ুন