Are Spelling mistakes not real mistakes? If Peace becomes piece, Heart got hurt. If she becomes sea, How will you see? If year becomes ear Time will tear. If won becomes one, Quality turns into quantity. If made becomes maid, Component becomes servant. If tell becomes tail, How will you complete the tale? If meet… Read More


Blogging is like solving puzzles! If you practice daily And solve the problems, You will improve daily. Less practice less solving, Less writing less ideas appearing. Practice more, intelligence will grow. Write more, ideas will flow. Thank you for reading! Let’s make a beautiful world together! God bless!

Prayer for Amazon

Rain, Rain! Come to Amazon. You can save all of us, Save the earth, save our lungs. Save our forests and animals. Come in form of ‘cats and dogs’. You can understand the pain, Tolerated by creatures and man Who are trying a lot to help them. But all are going in vain. Fire have… Read More

‘I’-Most selfish word

‘I’ and ‘My’ Not at all shy. For ‘you’, Everything is few. Kingdom is ‘Mine’, And ‘you’ Is nothing. ‘I’ is everything. ‘I’ is selfish, You are foolish, ‘I’ will win, And will let you ruin. ‘I’, ‘I’, ‘Mine’, ‘Mine’, House is ‘Mine’ , property is ‘Mine’, You never be fine. Always ‘I’ prevails, You,… Read More

Guess who I am

I am necessary, In every building. You can treat me as a big TV. In every evening, You stand beside me, Watch daily, Different movies. Your eyes  Can’t follow too many Movies simultaneously- Such a wonderful TV You should watch daily. Keep me opened, So that fresh air enters Within your room and gives Freshness… Read More

Nature is my Favorite House

Can you tell me why I need a house ? Two mountains will make the two walls of my house, With the clouds floating here and there, I will make the roof my house. But, my lovely cloud, bring rain, Exactly when It is time for taking bath. During winter, when my body will shake,… Read More

Husband and Wife

Husband and wife were brought up In different environment,two different set-up. He likes earning money, She likes maintaining happiness in family. His thought are towards office, Her thought are towards house. She focuses on little things, He focuses on meetings,documents. She focuses on cleanliness of the kitchen, He focuses on increment and promotion. She focuses… Read More


Marriage means devote yourself,Marriage means dedicate yourself. Marriage means adjustment, Marriage means “Sometime forget yourself“. Marriage means construction of a home where love exists.Marriage means -a shade in front of bright sunshine. Marriage means I am there for you, Marriage means -“find happiness within you”. Marriage means to be an Umbrella of a family, Marriage… Read More

My Mobile

I am totally dependent on my mobile. Are you also dependent? When I feel lonliness, spiritual vedeos gives me strength. When I feel sad, my mobile helps me in changing my mood by listening songs. When I can’t able to understand my study, youtube explains me nicely through vedeos. When I want to share my… Read More

School-Temple of Knowledge

Let’s make our school a safe place for all. Saftey awareness- let us install In everyone’s mind. Every bad works should be punished, School is a temple of knowledge, not a place to take revenge. Environment of school decides the future, Provides immense power, to the students – tomorrow’s backbone with the help of proper… Read More


Change is obvious. Some changes are marvelous. Seeing a caterpillar if you hate the beauty of nature, how will you get ? Today your face has no glow, but tomorrow ,you will not flow in a deep sea of beauty, who can give guarantee ? Wait for tomorrow, It will erase your today’s sorrow. Always… Read More

If I become WordPress

If I were become wordpress, the feelings I can’t express. you all bloggers write on me, so many poems, stories I carry, people get relax, after puttting the things in my box. so many people visit, so beautiful performance, people exhibit. I, being WordPress notice the sadness, I wash away, I keep record of everything,… Read More