Thank You for the Beautiful Journey – A letter to God

Dear God,

In this letter, I will talk about my experience which I have gained from this beautiful journey. I started my journey to this beautiful earth in the year of 1939. First five years, I did not remember anything. From 6th year, I started my learning. Today, I am an 80-year-old man. I have seen lots of varieties of things around me. I have witnessed a lot of incidents. I have been involved in many clubs, associations. I have seen different types of people around me. I have fought with others, but the reason for fighting was too small. I remember how I have become excited easily. I was worried about my increment.

Now, I can realize that I have not spent a minimum time with me, rather I have spent my time with anger, anxiety, ego, greed, etc. Now, I can find myself within me. Now, I discover myself newly. But, now the time is very short. On any day, at any instance, the speech made by me may become the last speech by me on this beautiful earth.

Now, I get the essence of life. It is amazing! Now, I can forgive others easily. Now I laugh seeing those people who don’t forgive others, who don’t pass their time with themselves.

Now, I understand the entire cycle we pass through. From the age of 0 to 6, though we stay with our parents, our mind remains with You (God). From the age of 7 to 20, we learn in schools and colleges. From the age of 20 to 30, we try to get a job. From the age of 30 to 40, we get married, having children. From the age of 40 to 50, we try to get increment as much as possible. From the age of 50 to 60, we love stress thinking about our kid’s future, kid’s marriage, etc. At the age of 60, we get retirement from the job. From the age of 60-70, we try to arrange our children’s marriage and help them in earning and in following our patterns only. Then, we start leaving things one by one. We try to be happy with a little amount of money we have. We try to adjust to our children. Less food and less amount of sleeping become sufficient for us. Then slowly, our body starts leaving us. When our body finally leaves us, we converge into a point that possesses only energy. This energy then mixes with you.

I am happily waiting for the time when I will be converted into a point and will be merged with You. Thank you God for helping me in realizing how the life is beautiful.


Your Child