Mother and Child

A child’s happiness is linked to the mother’s mood. If the mother becomes happy then only the child can be happy. When the mother will be happy, the mother will be able to give her valuable time to her child. But if the mother does not become happy, she can’t be able to give her… Read More

You are the Queen of your Family – Never treat yourself as family-maid.

This post is dedicated for some home makers who suffer mentally. Here is a common story of some home makers : I am a home maker. I have two daughters, they are in class 7 & 5. My husband is a private employee. I got married 15 years ago. I have covered half of my… Read More

Many beautiful homes together will create a beautiful world.

If anyone of our family members becomes ill physically, we use to go to doctor and take so much care. If the queen of the house becomes physically ill, the king does his duty. He immediately consults with Doctor. But why does he not take care when his queen becomes mentally ill? When the queen… Read More

Occupation of Un-employed women should be Home-maker, not a House-wife.

Every building is a house. Every home is also a house. But all buildings are not home and all houses are not home. Houses become Home if woman wants to do it. Home is where love exists. Love exists where woman exists. Why are some women(non working mothers) treated as a house – wife? Are… Read More