Change is obvious. Some changes are marvelous. Seeing a caterpillar if you hate the beauty of nature, how will you get ? Today your face has no glow, but tomorrow ,you will not flow in a deep sea of beauty, who can give guarantee ? Wait for tomorrow, It will erase your today’s sorrow. Always… Read More

Three is the perfect number for making a family # Writephoto

Sue Vincent’s Picture Prompt Wicker#writephoto May 16, 2019 Amazing photo ! In this photo, three women’s hands are connected. when some people are being united, their shades are also being united. Men /Women can do anything if they become united. Being united is very necessary for making progress in any field. One member in a… Read More

The Brilliant Grandmother

Written in response to prompt: What do you See? May 14/2019 Once upon a time, there was a boy lived with his grandmother in a hut. When he became 18 year’s old, grandmother told him – “Now, time has come and you have to do something so that you can take care of yourself as… Read More

Snatch your rights as you deserve it

Sometimes it is required to snatch your rights as you deserve it.Some people are too honest, too good that they never protest. As a result, they get tortured from their spouse or from their colleagues and thus loose their own space either at family or at office. This is very much required to increase your… Read More


I feel that after 1000 lakh years or more than that period of time, technology will try to ruin the developed technology and will try to come back at old age due to desperate behavior of Robots. Returning back will not become so easy. As a result , population will be decreased. Robots will rule… Read More

Best Friend of kids of Nuclear Family

I was disturbing my mother, by requesting her to play with me as it was sunday. My mother scolded me – “you must read your books or draw the pictures as I have lots of works, I can’t play with you right now”. She became angry with me. Father went for shopping. I got scared… Read More

Save Mother Nature

Dear God, Nobody understands the pain tolerated by us. Our feelings are not visible to the best creation. Your best creation is human beings. You only informed us that Human beings are most intelligent in this Universe. But we don’t feel so. They don’t know the necessity of us. They are being busy in cutting… Read More

Universe always helps if there is strong desire for good reason.

Dear God, You have given me a big responsibility to take care of the amount of Oxygen in this beautiful Universe. I am trying my best. The stem of my body is not able to give much oxygen. Then I planned to bring up some saplings on my dry stem. I have spread my branches… Read More