Happy Dewali

Wish you all a very happy Dewali! Dewali is the festival of Lights. Worship on Goddess Kali occurs before the day of Dewali. Goddess Kali kills the demons and brings light to the world. This was the reason, at our villages, we used to burn all the garbages at my childhood. Let us all pray… Read More

9 ways to clean our mind

Do you clean your house regularly? Do you clean your bedsheet often? Do you clean your dresses regularly? Do you take a bath with the help of soap to clean your body? Do you use shampoo to clean your hair? It is surprising! You care so much about your body, hair, dresses, beds, rooms, furniture,… Read More

The darkest hour- A transition period

The darkest hour is the time when maximum darkness exists. After this period, darkness will start to decrease gradually. The darkest hour is the transition period between day and night. The beauty of the transition period is mind-blowing. The darkest hour is such a time which can be considered as a pregnant woman from whom, the… Read More

Never Blame God

When it rains heavily, you don’t want rain but someone wants it. When there is no rain, you pray to God for rain and someone prays for stopping the rain. When there is no sunlight, only clouds; you pray to God for sunlight but someone doesn’t. When it is too hot, you pray to God… Read More

Real Truth#3

1. If we want our kid to behave properly, we should first behave properly. 2. Maturity teaches us how to forgive others. 3. When we forgive others, we release stress. Then, we feel awesome. 4. Reading story books and writing motivational things heal our mind. 5. Don’t hate the thoughts which are opposite to positive… Read More

I am the boss of my thoughts

Clean and dirty both water we get from the ocean. It depends on you how will you filter the water of the ocean. It depends on you which water (clean/dirty) will you carry with you. If you take the water which is flowing near the beach, you will not get clean water. If you go… Read More

You have the power to change your Horoscope

Are you feeling sad hearing some bad news given by your Astrologer? Does your horoscope predict some bad incidents you are going to face? Have your Astrologer said that you can’t make any progress until unless you perform worship to God and that also you can perform after three to four months? Have your Astrologer… Read More

How will you be sure that your prayer is reaching to the Lord?

Some countries believe that Jesus is God, some countries believe that Lord Shiva is God and so on. Imagine the existence of crores of Galaxies. We all know that there is only one God. God exists in the midst of all crores of Galaxies. God is watching crores of Galaxies which looks like a dot… Read More

Puja Vacation

I had gone to my native place on 2nd October. It was festival time. It was time for Durgapuja. I returned to Kolkata today. Wonderful experience, I have. I was with my parents, sisters and brother in laws in those days. I have visited the Durgapujas of the district town. Here are some glimpse of… Read More

Beautiful Nature during Durgapuja Festival

As we beautify ourselves during the Durgapuja Festival, Nature also beautifies itself during this time.We were going to Bankura from Purulia district. On the way, we had taken break as beauty of Nature compelled us to do so. We have seen a beautiful sunset and also a hill. Beautiful Nature speaks a lot silently. It… Read More

Always use affirmative words for making the thoughts more powerful.

When you pray to God, be careful as your subconscious mind remembers the words played in your mind during prayer, it will not remember the full sentences. As for example: when you say -” Ohh God,please bless my son so that he doesn’t fail the examination.” The subconscious mind remembers the word ‘fail’ and ‘examination’.… Read More

Advantages of Vegetables’ Garden at Roof

How will it be if you have not to go to market for buying vegetables daily? If the vegetables’ shop becomes available at your roof and that also becomes totally free of cost, I think everyone will enjoy the free home shopping. Recently I have visited my sister’s house where there is a vegetables’ garden… Read More

Can you write multiple types of articles in one blog ?

My mind is changing constantly. Sometimes, I thought of writing about Nature, sometimes I thought of writing about Education, sometimes I thought of writing about General Knowledge. Should I create three to four numbers of sites for this reason? But what if my budget is fixed ? Then I imagined a shop which is of… Read More

Nature is constantly changing. Are you?

Have you ever noticed the color of sky, have you ever noticed the position of cloud? Have you ever noticed a tree minutely? Have you ever noticed the condition of upper layer of a river or a sea? The living and the non living both things are changing in every moment. So what is about… Read More

My thoughts are one of my best friends

I feel lonliness when my thoughts wish me “Good bye”. I feel lonliness when there is no thought playing in my mind. I feel lonliness when I can’t write anything and the pages laugh at me. I feel lonliness when the good thoughts loss the game in my mind. I feel lonliness when all the… Read More

Howdy Modi Event at Houston in USA

Howdy Modi Event at Houston in the USA “Howdy Modi” event is the biggest global event of the year held at Houston in the USA. The theme and details of the event are as follows: Beginning time: At 8.30 pm on 22nd September’19(IST) Duration: Three hours followed by cultural programs Objectives: To celebrate the contributions of the… Read More

M.C.Q on Chandrayaan-2

Here, we will discuss 50 numbers of Multiple Choice Questions on “Chandrayaan-2” for different types of competitive examinations. In the M.C.Q generally 4 numbers of options are given. You have to choose the correct one. Here, the correct answer has been mentioned. The questions and answers are as follows: 1.When was the mission Chandrayaan-2 launched?… Read More


Are Spelling mistakes not real mistakes? If Peace becomes piece, Heart got hurt. If she becomes sea, How will you see? If year becomes ear Time will tear. If won becomes one, Quality turns into quantity. If made becomes maid, Component becomes servant. If tell becomes tail, How will you complete the tale? If meet… Read More