Everything needs maintenance even a good relationship also needs maintenance

Maintenance! Maintenance! Everything claims for it. Maintenance for flat, maintenance for car, maintenance for water filter, maintenance for chimney, maintenance for keeping your bank account running. All these maintenances are required for running the things in right way. For all these maintenances, you have to spend money, right? As these are machinery things, spending money… Read More

Mind also follows universal rule

Have you observed your mind very carefully ?can it be empty any time? Empty mind means there should not be any flow of words, there should not be any type of thinking. As there is no existence of vacuum in this universe and vacuum can be created by some mechanical arrangement, similarly, mind also can’t… Read More

Part-II : Tips for not getting distracted to remove exam fear :for students and parents

In my previous post, in part-I, I have given some tips to students for not getting distracted from study. The students who are adult, who are college students, for them it is easy to maintain. College students become hungry for getting job, as they know after some years they will get the degree and some… Read More

Tips for not getting distracted to remove exam fear: for Students

It becomes a normal practice for students to take examination preparation just 10-15 days before examination. As a result, students are facing lot of problems: 1. They suffer from tension 2. They loose confidence 3. They get fear 4. They forget the known things 5. They become easily irritated 6. They feel – ” subject… Read More

Jobless Scenario- Time to rethink in New way

Our concern is about new generation who are currently studying in different field. Are you worrying thinking that after completing your course what you will do? Simultaneously, your parents are also worrying. your parents are spending so much money on you, so they have enough reason to worry. But, it is you who can change… Read More

Era of Business

Every activity has been converted into business e.g. teaching,treatment of the patients,’puja’ etc. Long ago,40-50 years back,teacher-student relationship was like father-son. That time, girls were not so much educated in most of the states of India. The children whose parents were below poverty line, could not go to school. Present scenario has been changed drastically.… Read More

Early to Bed Early to Rise

There is a very well known proverb -“Early to Bed, Early to Rise / Makes a man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”. Is it applicable to you all ? Hope, it is not applicable to all. How someone define day and night ? They are defined by the position of Sun and Moon. The proverb implies… Read More

Why Fitness club?

Fitness gives you happiness and everyone wants happiness. Happiness will come to you when you will give a specified time to yourself daily. People are becoming so busy. It is very tough to give 15 minutes time for yourself only in regular basis. Some of you do exercise,meditation and thus give yourself a time. No… Read More

Higher education – no opportunity & lower education – more opportunities

I really got surprised at observing that the persons who have higher education(Master degree & Phd) have less opportunities in getting jobs whereas the persons who have lower education (class: 10-12) have lot of opportunities in getting jobs. If you open any job searching link: you will come to know the picture. The class who… Read More

Can’t our country give the jobs on hour basis so that women can handle both – family and job?

Respected Prime Minister of our country, This is regarding opportunity, facility and flexibility of jobs. Before going to the main topic, let me tell you about the difficulties we, particularly the married women are facing day by day. I have worked in an MNC for last 9 years. I have done B.E (Mechanical) from NIT,… Read More

Off-period is required for high efficiency

Whether it is machine or human brain,everything requires off-period when machines / human brain will be in rest i.e in idle condition. Every machines starting from Microwave to Air conditioner,all need rest and these machines get also that. What will happen if you operate your Microwave continuously even at night also? Its lifetime will be… Read More