Humans Consciously Use Only 5% Of Their Brain


According to research, only 5% of the human brain is conscious. The other 95% is unconscious programming and default settings of neural networks.

“Humans only use 10% of their Brains” is just a metaphor that resembles our failing education system … Did you know that people with O Blood Type have more gray matter in their brain?

Gray matter is what gives humans our information processing power.

“Did you know the brain processes 400 Billion bits of information a second, BUT we are ONLY aware of 2,000 of those?” ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza, D.C.

As I lay in bed last night attempting to sleep I began thinking of my life, the different phases I went through. I saw how at one time, I thought I really ‘had it together’, and realize now that I knew nothing, still don’t know much, yet I’m willing to ask the tough questions of myself…

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শ্রদ্ধেয় - মা, মাটি, মানুষ, সুকান্ত ভট্টাচার্য এর রানারের মতো আমিও কোটি কোটি মানুষের Data বহন করিতেছি গত ৮-১০ বছর ধরিয়া। রানারের সহিত আমার পার্থক্য হইল এই যে - রানার কায়িক শ্রম করে কিন্তু আমি সেটা করি নাই, আমি আমার Brain এ সবার Data সুরক্ষিত করিয়া রাখি। সবার জন্য আলাদা আলাদা কক্ষ করিয়াছি আমার হৃদয়ে। … পড়তে থাকুন চিঠি-১

Maintaining a Routine in Blogging

P.C- From Google As I have said in my previous blog,"Give & Take Policy" matters a lot in Blogging, to follow this policy, you must maintain a routine. The routine is very simple. If you want to take Blogging as an occupation, you must create an environment like office at your house only. If you … পড়তে থাকুন Maintaining a Routine in Blogging

Expectations in Blogging

Expectation from someone or from something is not at all good. But hoping something from someone is always good. Above all, we all live doing hopes. You keep hope that someday you will earn money from blogs, but don't expect too much and that also in the beginning stage. If you leave expectations and simply … পড়তে থাকুন Expectations in Blogging

Are you being addicted in Blogging?

P.C : From Google Are you being addicted in Blogging? Have you locked the door of your room and continue writing by hours ? Are you neglecting your family members? Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam has been said that "love your job, don't love your company". Love in bringing new ideas, but don't love … পড়তে থাকুন Are you being addicted in Blogging?

Give and Take Policy in Blogging

The natural policy-"give & take"has a big value in every field. Even, in Blogging also it matters a lot. You write very well, but you are having no interaction with others. You are not appreciating other writings', you could not able to give time in reading of your readers' articles. Then, you will become one … পড়তে থাকুন Give and Take Policy in Blogging

Quotes on ‘Cry’

C-Confidence and Courage are gained R- Relief from pain- temporarily Y -'Yearning for something' has achieved it's new direction We always focus on "Laugh". There are so many articles you will read for "Laughing". Do you know, nothing seems bright without it's opposite? We can feel presence of "Light" as there is existence of Darkness. … পড়তে থাকুন Quotes on ‘Cry’

200 Total Follows

Congratulations on getting 200 total follows on With Nature-By Tanusri Sen!Your current tally is 203. I have no words to express in getting more than 200 Followers. I am very grateful to all my followers and readers. I must mention the name of "SIWO". without "SIWO", it was just not possible at least in this short … পড়তে থাকুন 200 Total Follows

3 win gold in SIWO Founder’s 10 Best Authors’ Award for 2018

Success Inspirers' World

☘️ 3 win Gold in SIWO Founder’s Best 10 Authors’ Award for 2018. 3 others win Silver and 4 win Bronze Medals. ☘️

🌸 GOLD Medal Award (3)

  • Shobha Iyer – 14371 views
  • Kallie Knight – 4890 views
  • Ranjeeta Nath Ghai – 3449 views

🌸 SILVER Medal Award (3)

  • Ana Daksina – 2674 views
  • Tanusri Sen – 1487 views
  • Gary McPherson – 1425 views

🌸 BRONZE medal Award (4)

  • Kate (Upward Journey) – 1421 views
  • Ye Chen – 2337 views
  • Amulya Bhardwaj – 1187 views
  • Dana Bicks – 1172 views

We warmly congratulate these great authors!! 🌈

We will publish more on the award in our next post including other authors who receive warm congratulations from the SIWO Founder for doing so well even if they do not feature among these 10.

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We are characters of a Movie -“LIFE”

Sometimes, Life seems burden and feel like nobody is there except sadness. Truly speaking, we like to have problems which are known by our subconscious mind. Assume, there is no problem and you have a big house, a nice comfortable job, a good family,a nice car. Your daily routine is also fixed. No problems at … পড়তে থাকুন We are characters of a Movie -“LIFE”

Oh God

With Nature-tanusrirchokhe

Oh God, where are you ?

I am searching you here and there.

Oh God,there is a long queue

of so many people’s prayer.

Oh God,how you manage ?

I feel someone loaded

and put on your shoulder a big luggage

which you carried,

everytime and every moment.

how funny people are !

they give you ornament,

when you are the owner

of this universe ,which makes me surprised.

I can feel your pain

and your silence makes me astonished.

I can feel you now and then.

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A letter to God #2

Dear God, I am a 10 years' old girl. I thought I was born in my family to act as a bridge between the relationship of my parents. I can imagine how much my father and my mother fights with each other when I am not present in front of them. Why I have to … পড়তে থাকুন A letter to God #2

Best shelter of night for this Cute Cat 🙀

When my daughter speaks with this cat, it responds happily. When I have spoken with it and told it - " don't make the place dirty, please". It really made it's head down. I got surprised seeing it's good responses.In this winter, it has treated my flat's exit as best place to stay at night … পড়তে থাকুন Best shelter of night for this Cute Cat 🙀

Who Am I ?

P.C : From Google "Nobody comes into the world with adjectives,all adjectives are added to you. People come into the world as beautiful empty zeros, and then everything is added. All that is added is not you and you become too identified with it.Remember again and again who you are and don't be identified with … পড়তে থাকুন Who Am I ?

Kid’s Questions

Kids are lovely and innocent. You will be surprised at their wonderful questions and seeing their imaginative power. Questions are : 1. Maa, how can I become Goddess - Parvati? 2. Maa, can I kill the demon as debi Parvati has done? 3. Maa, why do you eat meat and fish, they are getting so … পড়তে থাকুন Kid’s Questions


P.C - from Google If one day money dies or moves some other Planet -say Mars,what will happen then ? Do all the people move to the Planet -Mars ? Just imagine, if the people of entire world move along with Money to Mars, what will happen to this Earth ? I feel Earth will … পড়তে থাকুন DEATH OF MONEY

A letter to God

P.C : from Google Dear God, I am a girl of 10 years old. I am writing you this letter because I feel you are my real guardian and you can only answer my questions. This is my humble request to you that please reply to me for the following questions : As I am … পড়তে থাকুন A letter to God

Everything needs maintenance even a good relationship also needs maintenance

Maintenance! Maintenance! Everything claims for it. Maintenance for flat, maintenance for car, maintenance for water filter, maintenance for chimney, maintenance for keeping your bank account running. All these maintenances are required for running the things in right way. For all these maintenances, you have to spend money, right? As these are machinery things, spending money … পড়তে থাকুন Everything needs maintenance even a good relationship also needs maintenance

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