Before doing the Meditation, One should feel the call for doing this

All people can’t do the Meditation. If all people could have done this, the word ‘bad work’ would have vanished. Before going to do the Meditation, one should feel the requirement of doing this. For a layman who has never performed the Meditation and want to do this now, I shall suggest him/her that he/she… Read More

Blogging is the organ of my Mind

Who says that our body only has many organs? Our mind too has many organs. Organ means a body/mind part which has a lot of contributions to the body/mind. Organ means which has an important role in driving the body/mind. The organs which have an important role in driving the mind are mind organs. Body… Read More

Power of Visualization

The largest power is hidden in “Visualization”. Visualize that you are the happiest person in this world. Visualize that you have no grief about your past, you have no complaints about others. Visualize that nobody have any complaints about you. Visualize that you have forgiven others and others also have forgiven you. Visualize about a… Read More

Never Blame God

When it rains heavily, you don’t want rain but someone wants it. When there is no rain, you pray to God for rain and someone prays for stopping the rain. When there is no sunlight, only clouds; you pray to God for sunlight but someone doesn’t. When it is too hot, you pray to God… Read More

Marriage of Evening and Afternoon!

This marriage story is completely imaginative. Here is the story: Day takes birth from the womb of darkness and then gradually, starts growing. Dawn is the phase of time when the baby starts crawling and the mother night feeds him. Morning is the phase of time when the baby starts to take food on his… Read More

God – crores of galaxies

Sometimes, I feel that God means crores of galaxies and we, the living animals are the cells of God. Many cells together make an organ. Similarly, many human beings together make a planet which is an organ of God. In human body, daily some cells are dying and new cells are growing. This incident doesn’t… Read More

M.C.Q on Indian Constitution

Q1. How many recognised National political parties are in India? Ans: Seven (7) Q2. How many divisions are made in the council of the Parliament of the Union? Ans: 3. The divisions are : The president and the two Houses known as the Council of States (Rajya Sabha) and the House of the People (Lok… Read More

When the Story speaks

When the Sentences speak, When they talk About ups and downs, Author laughs Thinking the destination- Depends on his/her decision. When the words think Without them nothing has life, Sentences believe They are everything, Story tells- It’s me who evaluates The value of you all. Author smiles, And create new stories.

Popular days in November

Here are the important days to remember in the month of November: 1. November is the “No Shaving Month”. Purpose is to save the money spent on shaving and to donate the same to cancer diseased people. 2. 8th November: World Radiology Day. 3. 11th November: National Educational Day. 4. 13th November: World Kindness Day.… Read More

Sounds of Different types of Birds

1. Birds chirp/ sing/ tweet/ whistle. 2. Chickens cackle/chick. 3. Cocks crow. 4. Crows caw. 5. Doves coo. 6. Ducks quack. 7. Eagles scream. 8. Geese cackle/quack. 9. Hens cackle/cluck. 10. Hummingbirds hum. 11. Nightingales sing/pipe/warble. 12. Ostriches chirp/bark/hiss. 13. Parrots talk/screech/squawk. 14. Peacocks scream. 15. Pigeons coo. 16. Vultures scream.

Me and my Writings

The characteristics of the writers are reflected in their writings. Here are the similarities between me and my writings: 1. I am introvert. This is the reason I can’t share my daily status in social media. My writings are also introvert. My writings are not posted openly in social media. 2. I always prefer to… Read More

Mosquito and Me

This is an interesting,imaginary conversation between a mosquito and me. Me: Technology is progressing for human being only. How are you too becoming so smart ? Technology should make us only clever, not you. But, I have seen that you are becoming over smart. Sometimes, though we use mosquito net, we can’t escape from you.… Read More

An experience in Examination Hall

I was the invigilator. It was Internal Examination. There were students of first year and third year. Examination duration was 50 minutes. After one examination, there was a gap of 10 minutes. Then another Examination started. Duration was same as previous. All students signed in the attendance sheet. I had announced whether anyone was there… Read More

Life after Death

The Life after death is like the life after staying at the womb. Assume this galaxy as your mother. We, all creatures are inside the womb of this galaxy as if we are the fetus of this galaxy. Then, oneday…. The galaxy will release all these creatures. We all will move to a zone which… Read More

A day without a Mobile

It was yesterday, my all time partner was not with me. I was feeling loneliness because I lost all connections with my world. My all time partner had been hospitalized due to its severe problems. It was my Smart Phone. Automatically, it was being switched off, though there was more than 60% charge. So, I… Read More

কল্পনাগুলো কি সত্যি # রোবটের যুগ 

কল্পনা জিনিষটার কোনো শেষ নেই ।এই পর্বে কয়েক লক্ষ্য যুগ এর পরের কথা ভাবা যাক- যখন পৃথিবীটা রোবট এ ভরে যাবে , বর্তমানে মানুষের জনসংখ্যার সমান রোবটের সংখ্যা হয়ে যাবে। কি হবে তখন ?চলুন আবার কল্পনার স্রোতে বাস্তবের কিছুটা ছোঁয়া রেখে ভাসতে থাকি কল্পনার  ই সমুদ্রে। সারা পৃথিবী তে রোবটের রাজত্ব। তাহলে কি কোনো মানুষ… Read More