Life is a Chemistry

We can’t exist without our opposite form of energy. Even If I am ‘A’, a very very good woman, then definitely there must be ‘B’, a very very bad man staying in some other universes. A is completely opposite nature of B. God of all universes, look after the equations of good and bad. If… Read More

Snatch your rights as you deserve it

Sometimes it is required to snatch your rights as you deserve it.Some people are too honest, too good that they never protest. As a result, they get tortured from their spouse or from their colleagues and thus loose their own space either at family or at office. This is very much required to increase your… Read More

It is time for changing our Address !

Dear Sons,Daughters,Sisters,brothers,Uncles,Aunties,Fathers,Mothers,Grandparents, Let us imagine this world as a big house only. Let us remove the separators like ‘name of country’,’Religion’,’Language’,’Type of fooding’. These parameters are only the culprit which compel us to think that we are from different country,from different religion and so so. But ultimately, we all are same -human being.  Let us… Read More