M. C. Q on Authors of some popular books

Q1. Who is the author of the book named-“Age of Anger-A History of the Present”?

Ans: Pankaj Mishra

Q2. Who wrote “Mudra Rakshasa”?

Ans: Visakha Datta

Q3. Who wrote” The Ministry of Utmost Happiness “?

Ans: Arundhati Roy

Q4. Who wrote ” Straight from the Heart”?

Ans: Kapil Dev

Q5. Who is the Author of the book named as ” A Million Mutinies Now”?

Ans: V. S. Naipaul

Q6.” The God of Small Things “ is written by whom?

Ans: Arundhati Roy

Q7. Who wrote –” Extraordinary Indians: A Book of Profiles”?

Ans: Khushwant Singh

Q8. ” A brief History of Time” is written by whom?

Ans: Stephen Hawkins

Q9. “Glimpses of World History” is written by whom?

Ans: Jawaharlal Nehru

Q10. ” I Do What I Do” is written by whom?

Ans: Raghuram Rajan.

Q11. Whose biography is written in “An Extraordinary Life, An Indian Destiny”?

Ans: Biography of Sonia Gandhi. Author of the book is : Rani Singh.