M.C.Q on “Study on various Items – known as”

1. Study of human body: Anatomy 2. Study of blood: Hematology 3. Study of Lungs: Pulmonology 4. Study of Heart: Cardiology 5. Study of Bones: Osteology 6. Study of Kidney: Nephrology 7. Study of Liver: Hepatology 8. Study of Skin: Dermatology 9. Study of Hair: Trichology 10. Study of Life in Outer Planets and Space:… Read More

M.C.Q on Our Galaxy

Here are the 30 questions on our Galaxy: 1. What is the name of our Galaxy? Ans: Milkyway 2. What is the name of the Galaxy nearest to our Galaxy? Ans: Andromeda 3. Study of Universe is known as ___? Ans: Cosmology 4. How much time it takes for the sunlight to reach on Earth?… Read More

M.C.Q on Sound

Q1. Sound is produced when a body __________. Ans: Vibrates. Q2. Which is called Voice Box in human body? Ans: Larynx Q3. Which part vibrates when we speak ? Ans: Vocal Cord Q4. Which insect doesn’t have Voice Box ? Ans: Bee Q5. How the bees produce sound without having Voice Box? Ans: They produce… Read More