Can you write multiple types of articles in one blog ?

My mind is changing constantly. Sometimes, I thought of writing about Nature, sometimes I thought of writing about Education, sometimes I thought of writing about General Knowledge. Should I create three to four numbers of sites for this reason? But what if my budget is fixed ? Then I imagined a shop which is of… Read More

How to check spam comments from mobile in blogs

In this advanced era, we try to complete all of our tasks by mobile-only. So, the maximum number of bloggers write their posts in Mobile. All of them have word press applications on their mobile. We, the bloggers always try to increase the number of visitors. When a visitor comments on our post, it is… Read More

Blogging never hampers in other activities, rather it gives inspiration

Always engage yourself with different activities. When you will do lots of works, you will gather more experience and your blogging world will be enriched. Never show excuse in the name of blogging saying that you haven’t got time due to blogging or vice versa. Blogging never snatches your time. Blogging always encourages in other… Read More

Blogging care for Serious Blogger #4

I have seen many bloggers who have very nice blogs as well as more than 500 followers. But their nice blogs get only 2-3 numbers ‘likes’ and may be few numbers ‘views’. I wondered. So nice post it is! Then why does he/she gets so less viewers? After thinking a while, I got the answers.… Read More

Blogging -Interesting World

World of blogging, Is very interesting. It is online travelling, Throughout the world by interacting. Varieties of members are existing, Some are simply observing, Some are opening, Other’s sites but never click on “LIKE” button, May be too busy on the blogs of own, Or may be due to thousands and thousands followers, It is… Read More

Maintaining a Routine in Blogging

As I have said in my previous blog,”Give & Take Policy” matters a lot in Blogging, to follow this policy, you must maintain a routine. The routine is very simple. If you want to take Blogging as an occupation, you must create an environment like office at your house only. If you do a private… Read More

Expectations in Blogging

Expectation from someone or from something is not at all good. But hoping something from someone is always good. Above all, we all live doing hopes. You keep hope that someday you will earn money from blogs, but don’t expect too much and that also in the beginning stage. If you leave expectations and simply… Read More

Are you being addicted in Blogging?

Are you being addicted in Blogging? Have you locked the door of your room and continue writing by hours ? Are you neglecting your family members? Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam has been said that “love your job, don’t love your company”. Love in bringing new ideas, but don’t love earning by blogging, you… Read More

Give and Take Policy in Blogging

The natural policy-“give & take”has a big value in every field. Even, in Blogging also it matters a lot. You write very well, but you are having no interaction with others. You are not appreciating other writings’, you could not able to give time in reading of your readers’ articles. Then, you will become one… Read More