Jobless Scenario -Situation getting worse day by day

Every year, so many students are being graduated in Engineering. Number of Engineering colleges have been increased a lot. Whoever appear in Joint Entrance Examination, are getting a rank. It is people’s belief that being graduates from engineering is much easier than that of from general line. In general, students are studying in Engineering just… Read More

Our thoughts make us immortal.

We are made of our soul, our thoughts, our relationships and our body, feelings. Out of these five elements, feelings died and for this, body decays and after a certain period of time, body also died. Soul never dies. It only changes it’s shape and form. Balance two elements are completely in your hand. Every… Read More

Rathayatra Festival

The Festival was on 4th July. The festival is named as Rathayatra. This festival is famous in Puri, Orissa. “Ratha” means Chariot and “Yatra” means journey. It is a festival of Chariot Journey of Lord Jagannath(Avatar of Bishnu), Balabhadra(his elder brother ), Suvadra(his younger sister). This is said that the festival is due to an… Read More

Depression :Initial Symptoms causes,medications and Therapies

My article on “Excite Submit” on Depression. In this article, you will come to know whether you are entering into depression zone or not,what are the initial symptoms of depression. If you are having those initial symptoms, you will come to know how to recover those,how to come out of that situation. How will you… Read More

Negative side of Imagination – Krittika Paul’s Real Story

Imagination has a great power. It is a great art too. All people can’t imagine but some people can even imagine life after death. What do we think about the power of imagination? We generally treat this as a positive power of mind. However, it may have negative impact also. Scientists also have wide imagination… Read More

Prayer to God!

God is with you always. An invisible power is constantly trying to improve you. The status of life never becomes a straight line as there are ups and downs.The invisible power which we feel but can’t be seen has immense energy. When you squeeze the lemon, you get the output. Similarly, sometimes God squeezes us… Read More

Authors, Writers, Bloggers- Creators

We are “Creators” of our stories, blogs,poems. I believe that these are our real babies. In these cases, the design and beauty are completely in our hand. But being a parent, we can’t drive our kids 100%. Some characteristics are their own. But in case of blogs, it is entirely dependent on us. Will the… Read More

Use ‘Curse’ as a weapon to progress further.

Blessing is no doubt good. Blessings always encourage us to progress further. Blessings help us to move in right path. But what is your opinion about ‘cursing’? Many good people get cursed by others may be unknowingly. I personally feel that we should not be worried about this. If our work is good, if we… Read More