Water body at Eco-Park

Do you like to spend your weekend with your spouse and kids in a park? Who doesn’t love park? Specially, children are fond of it. Park means full of green lands, varieties of flowers, different types of rides etc. Park means a place dedicated for children for relaxing the weekends. Have you ever seen a… Read More

Me and my Writings

The characteristics of the writers are reflected in their writings. Here are the similarities between me and my writings: 1. I am introvert. This is the reason I can’t share my daily status in social media. My writings are also introvert. My writings are not posted openly in social media. 2. I always prefer to… Read More

Mosquito and Me

This is a interesting,imaginary conversation between a mosquito and me. Me: Technology is progressing for human being only. How are you too becoming so smart ? Technology should make us only clever, not you. But, I have seen that you are becoming over smart. Sometimes, though we use mosquito net, we can’t escape from you.… Read More

An experience in Examination Hall

I was the invigilator. It was Internal Examination. There were students of first year and third year. Examination duration was 50 minutes. After one examination, there was a gap of 10 minutes. Then another Examination started. Duration was same as previous. All students signed in the attendance sheet. I had announced whether anyone was there… Read More

Life after Death

The Life after death is like the life after staying at the womb. Assume this galaxy as your mother. We, all creatures are inside the womb of this galaxy as if we are the fetus of this galaxy. Then, oneday…. The galaxy will release all these creatures. We all will move to a zone which… Read More

A day without a Mobile

It was yesterday, my all time partner was not with me. I was feeling loneliness because I lost all connections with my world. My all time partner had been hospitalized due to its severe problems. It was my Smart Phone. Automatically, it was being switched off, though there was more than 60% charge. So, I… Read More

কল্পনাগুলো কি সত্যি # রোবটের যুগ 

কল্পনা জিনিষটার কোনো শেষ নেই ।এই পর্বে কয়েক লক্ষ্য যুগ এর পরের কথা ভাবা যাক- যখন পৃথিবীটা রোবট এ ভরে যাবে , বর্তমানে মানুষের জনসংখ্যার সমান রোবটের সংখ্যা হয়ে যাবে। কি হবে তখন ?চলুন আবার কল্পনার স্রোতে বাস্তবের কিছুটা ছোঁয়া রেখে ভাসতে থাকি কল্পনার  ই সমুদ্রে। সারা পৃথিবী তে রোবটের রাজত্ব। তাহলে কি কোনো মানুষ… Read More

পরীক্ষার হলে রহস্যে ভরা মেয়েটি

সকাল থেকেই আকাশ গম্ভীর, চারিদিকে শুধু কালো মেঘের ভীড়।  ঝিরিঝিরি বৃষ্টি ,সাথে দমকা হাওয়া , ফনি কিংবা বুল্বুল এর  শুধু আসা আর যাওয়া।  কখনো পশ্চিমবঙ্গে , আবার কখনো বাংলাদেশে।  এইরকম এক মনখারাপের পরিবেশে  মেয়েটি ক্লাসরুমে বসে , সব ছেলেমেয়েরা ঢুকছে একে একে, প্রশ্ন সবার চোখে মুখে।  এক অজানা ভয় , পরীক্ষার দিনে এমনটা সবারই হয়।  তবুও এতজনের মাঝে ,… Read More

Thank You for the Beautiful Journey – A letter to God

Dear God, In this letter, I will talk about my experience which I have gained from this beautiful journey. I started my journey to this beautiful earth in the year of 1939. First five years, I did not remember anything. From 6th year, I started my learning. Today, I am an 80-year-old man. I have… Read More

Can you change your age?

Can you change your age? I can change my age according to the situation, according to the surroundings. When I play with a 2 months old baby, I feel that my age is only two months and also I feel that I can’t walk and talk. When I talk with school girls, I feel I… Read More

Not liking the negative-minded people is the weakness of positive-minded people.

We all know that failures are our best teachers. Even, we say that we should learn from our mistakes. We are telling that success and failure; good and bad are the opposite sides of the same coin. But a maximum of us not only hate the negative thoughts but also hate the negative minded people. Is it… Read More

Dewali : Is it a festival of Joy or Pollution?

We, the Indian celebrate a lot of festivals. We say that God will fulfill our wishes if we celebrate ” Durgapuja”,” Kalipuja”, “Dewali”,etc. It is wrong. God will fulfill our wishes if we perform “worship”, ” meditation” etc. It needs no cost to perform. I feel that in Bengal, Durgapuja festival has been converted into… Read More

M.C.Q on “Study on various Items – known as”

1. Study of human body: Anatomy 2. Study of blood: Hematology 3. Study of Lungs: Pulmonology 4. Study of Heart: Cardiology 5. Study of Bones: Osteology 6. Study of Kidney: Nephrology 7. Study of Liver: Hepatology 8. Study of Skin: Dermatology 9. Study of Hair: Trichology 10. Study of Life in Outer Planets and Space:… Read More

Highlights- 1.11.2019

Highlights of today : 1. Smart phones of minimum 17 Indians have been infected with spyware via WhatsApp. Government had asked WhatsApp to explain how Israeli spyware ‘Pegasus’ had been used to infect the phones of many Indians human rights activists and journalists to spy on them. 2. Twitter will stop displaying political advertisements globally… Read More

How to link voter card with your mobile number and the document which proves your current address

“Not verified yet!! Verify electoral details at www.nvsp.in Call 1950 for details. Last date for verification 18th November, 2019 – CEO WB” Are you getting these type of messages? Don’t ignore it. It is very easy to link your voter card with your mobile number and other documents. People of West Bengal are getting this… Read More

M.C.Q on Our Galaxy

Here are the 30 questions on our Galaxy: 1. What is the name of our Galaxy? Ans: Milkyway 2. What is the name of the Galaxy nearest to our Galaxy? Ans: Andromeda 3. Study of Universe is known as ___? Ans: Cosmology 4. How much time it takes for the sunlight to reach on Earth?… Read More