P Prayer

O Oxygen intake through deep
S – Maintain Silence

I Intake of Water
TTalk with yourself positively.

IImagine that everything moves according to your instruction as you want.
V Visualization ( Visualize that your dream has fulfilled).

E Exercise

If we can maintain these 8 habits, we will be positive-minded and we will be able to work efficiently for the entire day. 

The people who can’t do meditation, for them I can suggest these 8 habits. The first three habits together are the alternative form of Meditation. The people who can do meditation for them the first three habits will be replaced by ‘M’ ( ‘M’ for Meditation). 

By doing these things, you will feel energetic and happy. This entire process will take only 30-40 minutes. Dedicate this time for morning habits and at the end of the day, after completing all the works, you will feel that the time given by almighty is enough for you.

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