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Don’t allow her/him to sleep being dis-satisfied. Always talk to her/him.

The child within you is calling you. Are you listening? Are you giving your attention to this precious child?

Life is complex because life is not running according to your way. When a child does not obey his/her parents, how do the parents feel? Parents feel difficult to handle the child and think that the child is not obedient.

There is a child within every one of us and if you never talk to this child, how will you come to know what the child wants? Your child wants something and you are not listening to him/her. You are not listening to your child. Then, the child becomes unhappy and you feel that your life is full of complexity.

Talk to your child who is hidden within you. Talk positively, use positive words while talking to this child. If you don’t talk, the child will sleep taking a lot of dis-satisfactions and nothing will happen according to your way. Then you will feel frustrated. Imagine that the smallest, youngest child is hidden inside your body. Nourish this child. This child is honest and truthful. This child has a direct conversation with God. This child is the messenger between you and God. This child will help you to make life beautiful.

Daily talk to this child at least for 5-10 minutes. You can stand near the mirror and can imagine your childhood image. Then concentrate on the child within you and start the conversation with this child. This child will reveal the truth, the secret behind the Happy Life. You will feel wonderful because this child has a connection with the Soul.

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