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spontaneous mind

Our minds always think and whisper. Our minds remain busy. Our minds plan and draw things in their ways. As an infant of 4-6 months old plays, plans and executes in his/her way; our minds do the same thing.

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Spreading messages to the Universe silently

Sometimes, the infant requires us to divert his/her mind or to lead the mind in this reality. Similarly, our minds require us to execute minds’ plans properly. If we don’t interfere, our minds will have silence conversations with the Universe. Whatever messages our minds will create will be sent to the Universe and the Universe will execute them accordingly.

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Messages sent without your concern return from Universe after you scold the mind

If our minds think negatively and plan negatively, we should increase our voices within our minds. We should scold our minds loudly in a cool and calm place where we will feel comfortable in doing so. Our minds are infants who don’t know what is right and what is wrong. Our minds know that they have to think continuously without any break. We are the guardians of these infants.

Don’t allow silence and hidden conversations between your mind and the Universe. You should act as media. You should be alert so that no messages should be transmitted by your mind to the Universe without your concern.

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