Are they Selfish? Do they know how to thank God for each and everything they have got in life? Do they know how to use the problem as the first step of the solution?

I think that some people don’t know all these things. They are no one but negative-minded people.

One of my relatives is extremely negative-minded. When he/she comes to our house, a sadness appears all around but it never could bring an impact on me.

I have tried a lot to bring him/her in the positive world. But I failed. Then I found the differences between the positive-minded people and negative minded people.

Here are those differences:

1. Negative-minded people don’t love themselves. Positive-minded people love themselves.

2. Negative-minded people don’t love truly to God. Positive-minded people love truly to God.

3. Whatever the negative-minded people get, they never become satisfied. Positive-minded people get satisfied and try to get more to fulfill their dream.

4. Negative-minded people suffer from the jealous of the other family members who show their happiness. Positive-minded people never suffer from this disease.

5. Negative-minded people expect bad things to their happy family members. Positive-minded people expect the good for all.

6. Negative-minded people cry and remain sad all the time as they love it. Positive-minded people cry as they get strength from it.

7. Negative-minded people throw questions to God-“Why all the bad things are happening with me, God”? Positive-minded people said to God-“I will prove it that I am capable of doing it and I must do it. “

8. Negative-minded people love to blame others even to God silently. Positive-minded people love to take responsibility.

9. Negative-minded people search for problems so deeply that they don’t find the solutions easily. Positive-minded people remain busy in giving solutions and then their solutions always become ready to appear as and when required.

10. Negative-minded people find problems within the solutions. Positive-minded people find solutions within the problems.

So, we can conclude that negative-minded people see clouds and get fear of bad weather. The positive-minded people see the sunlight hidden within the clouds and thus get strength in all around.

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