When I will be no more

When I will be no more,
Everything will exist as before.
My body will be vanished,
When my all works will be completed.
My soul will take new identity,
In a new family, with new responsibility.
When I will pass away,
No rituals, please obey,
Only a worship to God on behalf
of me is enough,
And two days with plain food
Just because of your sad mood.
When I will leave the world,
After three days, all should be at their work.
I will be happy seeing,
You all in working.
I will be happy and glad,
If you all don’t sit idle being sad.
When I will be no more,
I don’t want any tear,
From you all, consider it
Change of phase, a period of transition between life and death.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.