Who says that our body only has many organs? Our mind too has many organs. Organ means a body/mind part which has a lot of contributions to the body/mind. Organ means which has an important role in driving the body/mind. The organs which have an important role in driving the mind are mind organs. Body organs are located within the body. Organs of mind can stay anywhere in this universe. This difference exists because Powerful body can never defeat a Powerful Mind. Mind has more power than Body. The number of organs inside the mind varies from person to person.

When you eat your favorite dish after a long gap say one year, how will you feel? When you get an increment, how will you feel? When you shift at a new flat, how will you feel? When you get recovered from fever, how will you feel? When you look beautiful in wearing a new dress, how will you feel? In all these cases, you feel very happy at least for the time being. The types of happiness in all these cases are different. These factors are : Food, Shelter, Money, Health, Garments. These factors affect our mind.

Mind is such an amazing thing that you can include some organs in this. You must include Meditation here. Meditation only can give you a real happiness.

All those organs I have in my mind. Suddenly, I come to know that there is a new organ, named Blogging.

Sometimes, blogging erase my sadness. Sometimes, blogging brings joy in my mind.

As blogging has a good contribution to my mind, I must announce that it is one of the most important organs of my mind.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!!

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