We all are “a story” to someone. But to whom we are the story?

Some words together make a sentence. Some sentences together make a paragraph. Some paragraphs together make a chapter. Some chapters together make a story. The story is not a living thing. When the author reads this story, story speaks and compels the author to think accordingly. Thus a story gets life in the mind of the author.

Some DNA molecules together make a Chromosome. Some Chromosomes together make a Cell. Some Cells together make an Organ. Some Organs together make a Body. This body has no life. When God inserts Feelings within this body, the Body gets life i.e mind and then mind starts speaking. This mind compels its Universe (God) to run accordingly.

We are the story to the Universe.

Your mind has a tremendous power. Your mind is unique. Hence, you are powerful and unique.

Some Mathematical Formulas:

Word: Story = DNA: Body

Story: Author= Mind: Universe

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