It was yesterday, my all time partner was not with me. I was feeling loneliness because I lost all connections with my world. My all time partner had been hospitalized due to its severe problems.

It was my Smart Phone. Automatically, it was being switched off, though there was more than 60% charge. So, I decided to consult with a specialist. There was problem in its batteries. It took one day to replace the battery.

I couldn’t able to talk with anyone. I couldn’t able to open Whatsapp. I couldn’t able to open my Gmail. I couldn’t able to open the WordPress. I couldn’t able to write a post.

It was a horrible experience. I was desiring that the day should pass very soon.

Suddenly, I remembered my childhood when no smart phone has been used. I was in the school, my mother was at home. Then, how was my mother’s day? Then, I realized that we worry for our kids easily but our parents didn’t. Inner feelings of our parents and us are same. Difference is that we imagine the negative things very easily but our parents didn’t have time to do that. This has been happening because of existence of the mobile phone.

Thinking all these, I made myself cool. The next day I got the mobile. I felt relaxed.

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  1. We have become used to our gadgets so much that we miss them. May be it is borderline addiction. At the same time, time when our parents were in charge world was a tad different. It is true they worried less. May be they did worry but others did not know as there was no face book, Twitter and Whatsapp.

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