We all know that failures are our best teachers. Even, we say that we should learn from our mistakes. We are telling that success and failure; good and bad are the opposite sides of the same coin.

But a maximum of us not only hate the negative thoughts but also hate the negative minded people. Is it fair not to like negative minded people?

I feel that there are negative thoughts in everyone’s mind. The difference between negative minded people and positive-minded people is that positive-minded people don’t give importance to negative thoughts. If negative thoughts appear, they allow it to flow and thus leave their minds. They don’t allow those thoughts to control them. Negative minded people give much importance to negative thoughts. These negative thoughts get the power to control their minds.

It is the same as success and failure. If someone fails, shall we hate them? Then why do we hate negative minded people? Shall we get fear if we also become like them? Shall we have doubts about the strength of our positive thoughts?

Positive thoughts and negative thoughts are also opposite sides of a coin. As we can learn from Failure, similarly we can learn from Negative thoughts too. Sometimes, Negative thoughts teach us to overcome the cruel situation when things are running in the worst direction. Negative thoughts remove our fear when things happen in the worst way as per Negative thoughts.

Let us (all positive-minded people) teach and help negative minded people to awake and move in a positive direction.

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11 thoughts on “Not liking the negative-minded people is the weakness of positive-minded people.

  1. In my experience, some negative minded people can be helped, whereas many can only help themselves. If they want help, and welcome it – I agree it is good to help them gain a new perspective. Though sometimes it is wisest to just focus on moving ahead – together with other constructive people, and only helping those who want help, while ignoring naysayers. For sadly, some negative minded people [though not all] thrive on pulling others down to their level. I guess helping those who want help is what we all are doing right here, right now 😉

    1. Yes, I understand what you said. We should help them, now the rest depends on them…whether they want to change or not. If someone does not want to change, how can we change them… Ultimately “I am the boss of myself”-applicable to all

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