We, the Indian celebrate a lot of festivals. We say that God will fulfill our wishes if we celebrate ” Durgapuja”,” Kalipuja”, “Dewali”,etc. It is wrong. God will fulfill our wishes if we perform “worship”, ” meditation” etc. It needs no cost to perform. I feel that in Bengal, Durgapuja festival has been converted into business and Dewali is the festival of polluting the environment.

The people who arrange the festival or who attend the festival, none of them is bothered about God truly. People who attend the festival want to enjoy and compare the beauty of decoration among the different “Puja-pandels”. People who arrange the festival want to win in the competition and to earn the certificates,prizes,names,etc.

In Dewali, to remove the darkness, people put a dark blanket( made of smokes) on the surrounding and suffer from a various types of diseases. Then people blame God for making them ill. Actually in every cases, we only create our poison. In computers, we create viruses; in vegetables, we mix impurities; we create cigarettes; we create crackers,etc. We never care about the mother Nature. But we are expert in doing campaigns saying that ” Save Earth, Save Life”.

The Dewali Festival offers us not only pollution but also accidents,deaths, etc. In this year, blast of four clay flowerpots have taken two lives in Kolkata. After this incident, people were shouting why can’t crackers be made at legal factories and a fixed composition is decided upon? We, the people have a tendency to blame others but we don’t have a tendency to become alert before the accidents occur.

In market, poisons are also available. Some people are there who create poison, sleeping peels too. Now, if we buy those poisons and take it, we will die. Will our relatives shout saying why the poisons have been created? In this case, we will not blame the manufacturer of poisons. But for crackers, we blame them. Both the cases are same, both take our lives. The difference is that the poisons kill us within two days whereas crackers don’t kill us, it kill the environment. It reduce the efficiency of our Lungs. Sometimes, it kill us on spot which can be treated as accident which is visible. Crackers kill our surroundings silently. As it is not visible, we never try to stop using of crackers. Our enjoyment is visible, so we enjoy a lot by burning crackers. We are happy enjoying at present. We don’t bother about our future generations. We improve our technology so much that it will be capable of creating a polluted country within few years.

Here are the Air Quality Index over the last few nights:

Where, AQI of 0-50 is good for health and 51-100 is satisfactory.

After seeing this, how many of us will stop buying any type of crackers next year? How many manufacturers will deny to manufacture the crackers? How many workers will change their type of works?

We have replaced fire candles with electric candles, we have replaced kerosine lamp with electric lamp. Can’t our technology replace these crackers? Can’t our technology make us engaged in different type of enjoyment?

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19 thoughts on “Dewali : Is it a festival of Joy or Pollution?

  1. Actually I also think the same as fireworks mostly affect the atmosphere but this time on Diwali occasion when I refused to blast firecrackers my Sir, giving me advice that In 2013/2014 Government declared Notification and suggest people to burn Firecrackers as much as possible to get rid of Dengue mosquitoes. The same situation happens right now as Dengue currently cover major part of our country so I don’t think that may leads to pollution..

    1. Sorry, I can’t agree with you. I don’t think it is the solution for killing mosquitoes. We should maintain cleanliness in our environment. There should not be any open drain. Bleeching powder should be sprayed as much as possible,like these,there are so many things to remove mosquitoes. What will be about our environment if we burn crackers as much as possible? For removing one problem, we are creating another problem.

      1. Well that’s the point of Government & it actually works may be. I am not telling you that you’re wrong I just give you my opinion. Pollution is really outrageous issue worldwide and might be it’ll take more height in future after incidents of Amazon forest & California fire misery…..

      2. Yes, in 2013-2014, It might be okay. But in today’s scenario, it is not okay. Also, in village,in an open big ground if crackers are fired, it is okay. But in metropolitan cities,like Kolkata…it is not at all okay… Thank you for joining the discussion.

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