Highlights of today :

1. Smart phones of minimum 17 Indians have been infected with spyware via WhatsApp. Government had asked WhatsApp to explain how Israeli spyware ‘Pegasus’ had been used to infect the phones of many Indians human rights activists and journalists to spy on them.

2. Twitter will stop displaying political advertisements globally on its platform.

3. The sensex touched a lifetime high on Thursday showing developments in the economy whereas the Industries contracted 5.2% in September in nearly eight years.

4. The Bay of Bengal is rising more than three and a half times faster than the Arabian Sea. As a result, Kolkata is at much greater risk of annual flooding than that of Mumbai according to the research carried out by IIT KHARAGPUR and JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY.

5. For adopting a child, Indian couples have to pay Rs.40,000. But the couples who stay abroad and want to adopt a child from India, have to pay $5000.

6. Kolkata received 137.6 mm rain in October whereas normal rainfall is 159.8 mm.

If there is a 1.5m rise of sea level by the end of this century, Kolkata ( an average elevation of 7m) is less likely to be inundated but there is a high chance of repeated flooding in low-lying areas like Salt Lake,Behala and some parts of North Kolkata.

7. AQI( Air Quality Index) of Kolkata have been crossed 300 over last few nights whereas 51-100 is the range for Satisfactory level.

8. Every year this time, Kolkata becomes a popular place for Dengue. Around 800 new dengue cases were reported across the city in the last one month.

Inspired by : TIMES OF INDIA


Date: 01.11.2019

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