Can you write multiple types of articles in one blog ?

My mind is changing constantly. Sometimes, I thought of writing about Nature, sometimes I thought of writing about Education, sometimes I thought of writing about General Knowledge. Should I create three to four numbers of sites for this reason?
But what if my budget is fixed ? Then I imagined a shop which is of multifloored but in same land all the floors are lying. Ground floor is for selling sweets, first floor is for dresses, second floor is for books, third floor is for gifts.
Then I thought about a house where four to five kids were born and brought up in same environment and under same guidance. But when the kids were grown up, their ambitions were different, their thoughts were different and thus their occupations became different.
Unity is diversity. So I feel that it is okay to sell different types of products simultaneously. Different types of customers are there in the market. Expenditure is increasing but in the same rate, profit is not increasing. In this competitive market, it is absolutely okay to sell multiple types of products from a single shop.
Blog is the online shop. Here, customers are the online readers. If a single shop is okay for selling multiple products ,then a online blogging shop is also okay for selling multiple products.
The name of my site is “”. This means that the things which is viewed by Tanusri’s Eye. Main purpose of my blog is writing about motivational articles. Education and traveling are such two things which are also indirectly required for improving mental health.
Only thing you have to make is that you have to create new categories. If you want to write about Motivational articles, Education, Traveling and General Knowledge, then you add all these categories in your blog. You should also select the tag line such a way so that it can be linked with all types of articles.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!